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This stupid idiot right here is called DONDRE LAWRENCE HOLCOMBE born in 6/27/1980 yes that’s right he is 30yrs old but lies to people that he is 26yrs…..ok so this bum bitch has a 9mnth old son who he doesn’t take care of…he doesn’t call or text to see how he is doing not even coming to see him when he comes to atl…oh yea he lives in spartanburg s.c…but he comes to atl to party and can’t even have the nerve to come and see his son after i even told him he has all the access to see him….at the end he choose not to see his son at all….financially he has only sent $265 and his son is 9mnths now(what a dumb ass)the last time he saw his son was june 22nd and prior to that was when he was 6weeks….(idiot in the 2nd degree)he don’t even go to see his other son his mom does that for him(shame on that bitch to)for accepting his deadbeat ways and supporting him…..all he does is smoke weed,drink,wear fake chains/studs and lie to people….he also has another son that he deny’s called kingston with this girl called relesha but they lie coz she got another guy thinking that he is the father(wowzers in the 3rd degree)all i gotta say is this bitch called dondre is a loser for been a deadbeat spermdonor and showing off in his sisters old ass blue honda like bitch if you are making money as you say you are then start taking care of your son,get your own car and quit depending on your mom and sister…..oh when i told him i was putting him on child support he said he won’t get a job so that he won’t have to pay….but lil does he know the IRS are coming for him for not paying taxes coz he is working as a promoter and is getting money to….so dondre pay back is a bitch boo….and with that said he is officially (a total idiot in the 1st degree)

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I wanna know why yall always be frontin on the cats when yall knew who they was whe yall was fucking with from jump. Now he sorry? No now he sorry cause he don’t wanna fuck with you. Women should know that when you have a child its a chance you could b raising him on your own. C’mon get yall weight up and quit depending on they money cause yall hurting. How you gon force someone to pay child support? That only proves that your a sorry parent and can’t do it on your own. And im a major rapper with a deal real nigga shit MONTANA…….

seems affliction2700 is the deadbeat lol . rap deal? o…k
so when your “rap deal” happens PAY CHILD SUPPORT!.

@castrator….you are so right boo that’s prolly him coz he alwayz tryna rap but cant even do it right….now @ affliction2700….i don’t need him for shit i have been taking care of my son without any problem the reason i posted this is because i wanted to….i had to put this bitch on blast so if you got a problem with it…you can go and suck his lil carrot dick…ps am the 1 who didnt want him i broke up with him and moved on he was still trying to get some but nah i had already upgraded…..and me been a sorry ass parent never that boo….am the best of all so now you can go suck your momma clit i bet she would like that.

oh and he aint been forced to pay child support and even if he did that money would be like gas money to us….we spend big money and my son gets the best of everything he got…..thanx to me and his new role model/dad…..

Now affliction2700 you started out right but lost me at the end… Now back to Sashasilver… first off you knew what he was when you spread ya legs… So for you to say that the mother is stupid for helping take care of her grandkids… Actually she is not anybody able to give a child a chance should… And she is doing that… Plus she is his mother… I understand what you were trying to say.. but in the end you end up punishing that child trying to make a deadbeat man up “will never happen”… So she is doing the next best thing.. Your stupid for sleeping with him unprotected or at all… Then acting all surprise that he still aint shit… raise your standards, learn from your mistakes, and be proud of your blessings…

~ if you see shit… step over it… don’t sleep with it~

@pureexstacy03…..lmao at you coz it looks like you dont know how to read well… i said she is a dumb ass to for supporting his deadbeat self….and she doesnt help me in anyway not even calling to check up on her grandson….2nd….my son is not been punished at all….he gets everything he needs and more thanx to me,his new role model and his ONLY grandma(my mom)…..he doesnt need dondre at all coz he dont even know him like that….3rd as far as me sleeping with him…ima just say it in a simple and clear way he trapped me coz he knew i was the best hooked him up with clubs to promote at in atl but he was to dumb to realise once he fuck up all the connects are gone(that’s why he moved back to s.c broke as fuck)…..and mind you i broke up with him for sleeping with a 16yr old so bitch before you ever think about commenting on something make sure you read carefull…..

LMAO this a damn shame…..

DITTO @ MagicInferno

What childish bitch really put bullshit like this on the internet. You made yourself look stupid. Bc word on the street is that you mad that he does not want you and he is taking care of his. Sounds like you the deadbeat with no life. Get your weight up.

It takes two to get into a situation like this. As a woman, we have the choice to not have a baby by a loser. There’s Plan B pills and other contraceptions, especially if you had sex with the fool on accident or whatever. This is the 21st century, please ladies avoid this kind of mistake so we don’t have to raise fatherless children no longer.

@charlene…very true….now back at you miss meandme…..sounds like he has been feeding yall the lies as well…..all am doing right now is laughing at your dumb ass for believing him….if he is telling people he has been taking care of his ask him when was the last time he saw his son,how many teeth does he have and why is he so ready and earger to sign off his rights as a father??and am mad he doesnt want me?nah bitch its the other way around I DUMPED HIM….i was never in love he was the 1 that took me to his family 2weeks after he met me…i never once took him to mines not even introducing him to any of my friends plus he was a rebound for me i loved some1 else and he knows it….so pliz dont let him feed yall with that bs….and if you think am lying give his ass a lie detector test and i guarrantee you he will fail like he did in college….so try again beotch…

I agree with affliction smh at everyone who posts on this. its ghetto and pointless.

lol lol exactly PLAN B so there’s no excuse! It’s done purposely. U had the baby because it’s what u wanted now take care of it on your own and stop looking for him to take part. Smh ugh this site is a disgrace

@fuhomewrecker…your name says it all….nways nobody is looking up to this sucker for him to take care of my son…i do it by myself no help and i dnt need it….i put him on blast for my own fun…the money that he sends cant even buy any of my sons outfits coz he gets the best….so why dnt you start minding you business and go get your own husband instead of homewrecking you are a disgrace boo….

I’m not the home wrecker duh! Hence my name being “fuck you home wrecker”. I’m saying fuck u to the a woman who decided to have an engaged mans baby (my husband now) and post my face on here as if I fucked her.
U also can not tell me to mind my business because you’re posting ur business for me to see and state my opinion…. Ur bitter because he’s not in ur childs life, like every other woman on here. Because a man can be a bum and if he’s there for yall emotionally, yall women would not care about child support. and that’s just the reality.

He isn’t feeding anybody anything. It is fucking sad that you wasted your time to but bullshit up on the internet about somebody when you just wasted time you could have spent with your child instead of trying to bash people on the internet. All because you not happy, that one you loved must realized you wasn’t shit either because if you were with him you would make better desicions with your time. Thats what I see BEOTCH! It is funny you did this to get at him but it looks like you got a grudge with the girl because you really put her and her child name in it, but you mad at him. That is funny to me, I am just saying, you in the A so when I say “WHERE THEY DO THAT AT?” You understand.

@FUhomewrecker, you are so right bitter ass kids is whats this website about. What the fuck the bitchs gon do when they start up a website for bitter moms/bitchs. I know somebody that would make top page BEOTCH!

Lol sad website this is

@FUhomewrecker, You know what is funny the nigga probably taking a pic of his self in her damn bathroom. Dumbass girl! LMAO

lmao at both of yall….@fuhomewrecker…am glad you fiancee cheated on you…if i was him dealing with a dumb girl like you i would have done the same….and meandme….you sound like you have been sucking on his dick since you all mad protecting him…and again we dont need him in our lifes he is the 1 who is mad because i moved on and my son already has a father figure who he greatly calls daddy….so again yall have failed….i have fun torturing lame niggas/bitches too so you dont wana be my next victim coz i will do it nice n slow:)

and as far as the girl relesha goes….i dnt know her and i have never met her i just feel bad for brandon coz he was thinking that he was the dad… cant hate on someone that you dont know…..

@meandme…you just mad coz am prettier than you mama…..i know you have seen me bitch and yea am the shit got brains and beauty…so get on my level and stop hating on me lil girl….

But u don’t know me so that was an ignorant statement. But I can’t expect anything less. About him cheating on me, that’s fine, it’s done he’s my husband now and he takes care of me and our children. And Had I left he would still be doing that AND if he didn’t, I wouldn’t be on here posting that and dissing him because in the end I would be the dumb ass for having a child with him

if you think anybody on here is dumb for putting these deadbeats on blast…then you are just dumb as they are for commenting ….most of yall bitches with deadbeat niggas aaround yall cnt put them on blast coz yall are still sucking their dicks….well to bad coz over here we leave them n forget them….@fuhomewrecker…am still glad he is cheating on you again you sure do deserve it….

Lol ok smh ty

@fuhomewrecker….aka mrs jean raymond hilaire…bitch i kno who you are…

Lol damn u blowing someone up lmao that ain’t me. You don’t know me, I’m just stating my opinion on your post.

ok lame

omg i cosign @sashasilver he gave me an std not to long ago(gonoreah) and girl i asked him about his kids and he told me that he takes care of his 2 kids and he has another on the way he is a dirty dog females this girl aint lying if you see him run away.

@infectedbitch…well damn aint that some shit…but i believe that he gave you an std you are lucky he didnt give you…but yes you have to be carefull dont trust him he is a liar and will do anything to get someone to believe him…and as far as him having another baby on the way…girl i dnt care he can have as many kids as he wants am just glad it wont be with me….am to good for him…


I agree with prettyblaque…I don’t care who slept with who, but at the end of the day….A deadbeat is a deadbeat, I don’t care if she knew who he was or not…HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR TAKING CARE OF HIS SEEDS…I HATE A DEADBEAT

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