don’t be fooled by this charmer.

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this guy’s name is Brian Atha Maxwell. he is 23 years old and has 4 children (that he knows of) who he doesn’t support financially or ever even see. one little girl is in Texas and 2 boys and one girl (all within 2 years of each other) reside in Tennessee, all by different women. he is living with a girl now because she takes care of him and he is playing daddy to HER son, while not caring one bit about his own four kids. he is THISCLOSE to going to jail for not paying child support and purposefully doesn’t get jobs or gives out his address so the child support office can’t track him. he is a drug addict and a dead beat who would give up his own grandmother if it meant getting something in return. karma’s a b*tch and he WILL get what he deserves, I’m just so sad that 4 innocent kids have to be the ones who feel like their daddy never loved them enough to see or take care of them.

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