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where do i even begin? this fucker knocked my mom up when she was 18 and he was 24. THEN he tried to fight for custody. on the papers he had to draw up for the court hearing which was in march of 96, he wrote ‘born on April 3,96′ … she was born in February. he was then scheduled to see her (being his daughter) at least three times a week for a supervised visit over the course of 4 months. he showed up maybe twice. he eventually got his lawyers to tell my mother that he wanted nothing to do with me. he didn’t even have the decency to tell her on his own. he dropped off the face of the earth for 13 years. he lived all but two blocks away from where i lived. but never called, emailed, or wrote. he was only contacted when i found his name and phone number in a photo album. even when i was in contact with him he showed little to no interest. and made constant excuses as to why he couldn’t see me. when i asked him why he left he replied with ‘you can’t change the past’ or ‘your mother made me’ HA. He’s much too interested in raising his two sons… he gives us post-dated cheques for a year so he doesn’t have to see us or talk to us. on my fourteenth birthday on my mothers post which read “Happy Birthday #$%$&$3, love you lots!!!” he commented ‘ditto’ thanks ‘DAD’ when he does email- if he emails. he writes ‘Jay or DAD’ you may have fathered me but your not my dad. i consider this dick a sperm donor.

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