Drunk Deadbeat Dad!

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West Parsons is a lowlife scumbag that chose to abandon his daughter and family and spend all his money partying and staying drunk. He is a thief, a liar and a cheater and could care less if his child needed anything. West left his family because he didn’t want to pay bills or be a responsible person. West wasn’t man enough to take care of his family, and ran away like a little schoolgirl when he was caught stealing lawn equipment and pawning it for more beer because he couldn’t get his lazy no good butt up to go to work. While he was busy drinking away the stuff that I had bought, I was borrowing money to buy his baby diapers, wipes and food. When he finally decided we we were in his way, he left me to pay a everything on my own knowing that his child would end up losing the only home that she’s ever known. He has never even tried to see his daughter once because he never wanted her in the first place. Watch out in Dallas, Tx for this piece of crap dirtbag because he is out patrolling the bars looking for his next victim. This is a BOY that thinks all women owe him. He has stated that he will never pay child support and that he would rather run away and live by the Trinity river than have to take care of his baby. She’s not a beer so he just doesn’t care!

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