E. Vernard Johnson

Posted on : 24-09-2010 | By : chicagojt | In : Deadbeat Dads


I have been divorced from this deadbeat dad for 13 years. He hasn’t paid child support for more than 6 months. I called him the other day and he started talking about all of his ailments and how he is trying to fake disability to draw a Disability Check. I had to cut him off and ask if he heard me ask how was he doing? I said you didn’t hear it because I DON”T CARE. I was calling about our 17.5 year old son. He is going on a trip that is going to cost my wonderful husband and I $1100!!! I wish someone would invent an eraser to erase deadbeat sapsuckas out of our lives!!! You can’t pay, ERASE!! I will never forget we went to juvenile court when my son was 4 and I was asking for a child support increase. This fool told the judge that he couldn’t pay anymore than $200!!! The judge granted me $250 but I have never received a payment and that was 14 years ago!!!

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