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Posted on : 25-08-2011 | By : Kiyomi | In : Deadbeat Dads, Virginia


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This low-life decided that he wanted to “live” (drink & party like a high school kid) rather than be a father. He cheated w/ a co-worker & left us before our daughter was even born. He’s done nothing to support her & has never made any true effort to see her. He’s the kind of person who lives a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget, loves to brag & show off but truly has nothing. It’s all a front. Unfortunately, so was his promise to “always be there for his baby girl”.

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HAHAHA, this is Halarious!!!! The funny thing about mudsligging, is that you can do it back…. The person who posted this has another daughter that she herself has nothing to do with, or has ever had custody of so before throwing someones else under the bus, take a look in the mirror honey!! I will have you know that this man is a wonderful father and great person, you have made it very difficult for him to see his daughter, the true problem is you, he loves her but doesn’t want anything to do with you which is your hope to get him back….what a joke..

Her picture should be on here somewhere, where is the women section……

You don’t know anything about my mom so you shouldn’t be posting lies about her. What she said about him is the truth, if you don’t like it, oh well. She offered to have my cousin bring the baby to see him and he said no. To say that she’s using the baby to get him back is ridiculous because she wants nothing to do with him. Spread your lies about someone else, you don’t know wth you’re talking about.

Oh, I guess she never told you that eddie offered for you to come and live with them but your mother said “No”… that’s the sad thing about neglected children when they grow up they want to believe that their parent did right by them when they were younger..its so sad..but I guess better late than never. Glad she’s trying to make ammends with you…but we are still talking about the same person who said her daughter was a still born and she had her cremated and put in a locket..I heard that with my own ears about kiyomi..hmmmmm bet she never told you that anyways..this site is pretty funny..a lot of these women are just pissed off because they want someone back..and want strangers to feel sorry for them!!

I didn’t say that about Kiyomi. Eddie never invited Carina to live with him. No one wants to be with fishface. No one wants anything to do with you either, goodbye.

haha..yeah go ahead and keep lying to yourself and everyone else..I heard you tell eddie that he had you on speakerphone but if I had said something like that id be ashamed too! But then again I’m not that phycho to say something like that either. Have a fabulous day!!!

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