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This “man” is pathetic. He has seen his daughter less than a handful of times in her 2 and a half years of life. He claims he does so much for her but has failed to do anything for her ever. When he and I broke up, he continued to brag to people about her but my child has NO CLUE who he is. He loves to call himself a “daddy” but has never been one. After excuse after excuse about being unable to find a job for nearly a year, he finally got one and attempted to get away without paying child support claiming he didnt know that he had to tell them that he had a job. He then gets a tattoo with my daughters name on it, a daughter he knows nothing about. A few days later he agrees to signing over his rights because he cant afford the $30 a week child support that he hasnt paid in nearly a year. I believe he has another daughter also. Dont know if he takes care of that one. WHATEVER YOU DO JUST STAY AWAY!!!!

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Hey, My name is Jen and I am going through the same thing. I am a single parent and get nothing from my baby’s father. I also work in the TV industry in NYC. We are doing a show on deadbeat dads and looking to bring people here. I will be able to help you out in your situation. If you are interested or know anyone that is please give me a call at 347-974-1641 Thanks Jen

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