Emmett Henley HAIR stylist & deadbeat!

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Emmett Henley left his daughter a few days after her first birthday. Since that time he has never paid child support. Emmett does not emotionally or financially support his daughter (who is now 3 1/2 years old).

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This posting is incredibly inaccuarate! Emmett has pages and pages of legal documents proving that he filed for full custody of his daughter. The documents are public record so if you are looking for the truth feel free to check it out. He also has many photos of he and his daughter over the years from when he was allowed to see her by the mother. Before he moved he asked for custody from the mother and she said “yes”. She changed her mind only after playing with the emotions of her own daughter as well as the father. The mother for the past 3 years has denied Emmett visits with his daughter even before he moved. Emmett is a father that most women would wish for. He loves his daughter and if the mother continues with this kind of behavior, she will turn her daughter against her and Emmett will have all the evidence of how hard he has worked to be part of her life.

Wow… I’m compelled to stick up for Emmett in a few ways.. first, I know this guy professionally and personally. I know his family first hand- including the three children him and his wife raise currently, while they’re working to gain custody of the child mentioned in the above post. Deadbeat dads, don’t raise kids or fight for custody.. deadbeat dads sign away rights to their children to get out of paying child support. Secondly, how tacky to attach this post to his professional life! It’s one thing for these nutters to get on here and share with the world they’re private experiences and try to define these guys to the world as jerks.. But to mess with someone’s business, when this is clearly a personal attack..well, that’s just below the belt. This website is ugly and anyone who considers this an appropriate way to ‘vent’ has a lot of growing up to do. I signed up to comment on the above post, and out of curiosity looked at some of the other posts on here… really just sounds like a bunch of whiney victims who need to put on their big kid pants, take care of their kids to their best capability, and fight for the assistance you/they need through the appropriate channels and with some freaking grace. Whats wrong with you girls??? Is this the kind of example you want to set for your children?? I fear for our future, because we have kids raising kids and this web page proves it. Shame on you all.

WOW!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOWW!!! Joan!! How would you know anything about this man??? Your not the mother…. I’ve known Emmett for many years and I know his baby’s momma, and she isn’t stupid enough to post such a hateful thing about him (i really hope) and put his business info on here. i’ve see pictures of Emmett and his beautiful daugther recently (and they are current photos) so obviously the mother let him see her. I hope you have a good life Joan and I hope your smart enough not to get into other peoples business next time!!!

This is the fifth one i’ve seen like this today! I don’t know either parties but I have to put my two cents in. You bitches that post this are crazy! Three words: NO ONE CARES!! You women write these for ppl to feel sorry for you and to embarrass these men. Fyi, your just jealous that there doing fine with out you!!! Half of these men that you think you are bashing own their own buisnesses and have money so why are you complaining? i’m sure they are more then happy to give their children some of their money (not you, but their kids). The problem you young women have these days is communication skills! You would rather go on a shitty ass blog and bitch and cry to people you don’t know, then to buck up and tell your kid’s dad to get his shit together! Oh and another thing instead of having sex with “deadbeats” close your legs and get a job! Cause obviously you have no money too take care of your kid cause you have to beg for child support. I have 4 beautiful boys and I was married to there father and it didn’t work out but luckly I have a JOB! I don’t have to beg! He knows I can take care of my kids on my own and he gives me child support because he knows i’m not sitting on my ass crying! But i hope that you get a life and get your shit together
Kelly F
(a real women)

I don’t understand these post. You guys make it seem like the men should get off scott free and not financially take care of their children. I bet if you where taking care of your kids all by yourself with no help you would be on here also. Just because we work (which I’m doing I work two jobs to take care of my baby and her dad doesn’t give a rats ass about her) does not give a man a right to decided if he has to pay or not, that’s not how it works. Its good and all that you have a man that wants to take care of his children Kelly, but everyone is not in the same boat as your are. Every situation is different. If you are not having to deal with a deadbeat dad why are you even on here?? Also just because a man files for custody of a child does not excuse him from paying child support. He is probably doing that so he doesn’t have to pay the child’s mother any money. And before you past judgement on my I’m taking care of a two year old daughter that has a rare muscle disorder on my own. The doctors gave her a year to live but she had made it to two. She is completely paralyzed, has very weak chest wall muscles and is on a ventilator for life, and she has lost her swallow and has to be fed through a feeding tube. Her medical bills our extremely high and her insurance does not cover everything. While I’m working two jobs from home and taking care of my daughter by myself, her dad doesn’t do shit. He doesn’t work and does nothing but fuck off everyday. My daughter requires constant 24 hour care and its can be very hard at times to take care of her. Now tell me, do you think he should not have to help me in any way?? Or do you think its my fault that I had sex with this deadbeat and I created the child on my own? Even though both parents have to be carriers of the gene for the child to have the muscle disorder. Its sad when people support deadbeats.

My name is Emmett Henley, and I have known about this posting on crappy dads for over a year now. I decided not to respond to it because I didn’t want to subscribe, endorse or participate in ignorance and malice. However, my son has been getting bullied and harassed at his elementary school (someone printed and posted it). I told him don’t worry about lies and he should stick up for himself. To that, he replied “you should stick up for yourself”; touché smart kid.
I met my wife 18 years ago and we have 4 children 1 “out of wedlock” (which is the one this “Joan” person is referring too). I and that child’s mother have been friends before, during and after the child’s birth. I have contributed financially and emotionally to the mother and child during pregnancy, after and to this day (My wife & I where the ones who setup child support thru the state so that there was no confusion). I visit regularly and make sure there is a healthy relationship between the brother and sisters and stepmom. As far as leaving my daughter I few day after her birthday; my wife is in Seattle and I had plans to move there before my daughter was even conceived. To respond to other comments on this post, all my children are healthy with no problems (thank god) and yes I did file for custody because that was the initial feeling of the mother. Now, this fictitious “Joan” person I don’t know who they are. But I and my wife own a small salon and the picture above (as well as others) can be found on our marketing materials, Facebook and other places on the internet. So I am assuming this is a competing business or some crazy person whom I have the unfortunate chance meeting with (I’ll pray for you). Also, I did write to the moderator of this website asking them to remove this page, to no avail. Needless to say, some of the people who post this stuff about “dads” are childish and it’s trashy in the background I hear “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry.

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