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I am a mother attempting to get my ex to pay the child supprt he owes. I am frustrated and exhausted and broke. We live in Hawaii. He lives in North Carolina and has not seen his kids in over 3 years. This is most likely just a way for me to vent as he has not intention of manning up and paying what the state has ordered and what his kids need.

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this deadbeat looks a bit scary at first glance how can a parent go years without seeing their child another Loser

He looks like Hannibal Lecter lol. He just looks like a loser and hes probably hanging around some slut sniffing coke and having deep conversations which is the only time he will ever feel important.

that is too funny SHEWRITES!!!!! i thought my deadbeat was the only one who did that…. he likes to hang out and puff puff with his many friends and have deep conversations that make “him” feel important too. but no one ever remembers what the f%*k was ever said…. :)

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