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The story here is almost unbelievable, it’s so screwed up… but as sad as it all is… unfortunately… it’s true.

This “man” (and I use that term VERY loosely)has fathered 6 children, by 5 different women (that we know of, I’m almost positive that there are more). He provides NO moral, emotional, or financial support for ANY of them, and continues to make more.

For my child, specifically, he is $20,000 behind, and counting. He currently has an active bench warrant in Berkeley County for non-payment of child support.

To top it off, the woman that he is still legally married to, the mother of his 2 oldest children, is also looking for him; not only for support of her children, but for a divorce. Rumor has it that he has already remarried… to a woman named Jakera Lakeshia Jenkins. If true, then he’ll also be wanted for bigamy.

He and this woman have apparently fallen off the face of the earth… for now; but the DOG-HUNT is on. Any information would be greatly appreciated…. by many different people. Let’s put this piece of scum where he belongs!!!!!!

His drivers license is suspended, but he doesn’t care, he still drives around without one. That’s how I managed to catch up to him the last time he was locked up for non-payment.

Date of birth: 12/12/1975
Height: 6′2″
Weight: 150 – 180 lbs
Race: black / light-skinned
Hair: Black / dreads
Eyes: brown/hazel (not contacts)

Has been known to go by the following names: “Tazz”; “L”; “Lanier”; “Stimpy”

He is musically inclined, so may be playing piano, keyboard, or drums for churches or the like, most likely under the table.

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Hi! My name is Denise, I am a TV producer in LA. I would love to talk to you about what’s going on. Please call me at 323-451-2446
Thank you so much!

So here we go…so why is it you spend so much time trying to destroy someone? is that all you can think to do? you wanted a battle well this is war. how bout tell the people the truth about the situation. tell them how you said that if my son needed bone marrow you would maybe find me…you wanted him alllll to yourself well you got him, so whatyou mad for. trying to destroy me is only gonna destroy you. Im not a bad person nor have i ever been…so tell the people the truth when you go talking about me to people, and let them know the real you as well. im gonna contact a lawyer about you and have you investigated. since you wanna play so badly…well let the games begin

You wnat so bad for something bad to happen to me…well its gonna happen to you…promise you that you have bnot seen the type of hell im going to unleash on you…make sure you tell people the truth now, because i sure as hell will…theres 2 sides to every story…and you better believe mine will be heard

What the hell are you talking about, if my son needed bone marrow?? I never said I wanted him alll to myself… what I said was, I won’t have his “father” coming in and out of his life… that you needed to decide if you were going to be a part of his life or not; and if you couldn’t decide, then I would decide for you. You couldn’t decide… so I DID. All I want is what is owed to MY SON. Go ahead and contact a lawyer… I’m sure they’d LOVE to hear the story… along with the close to now $30,000 you owe for child support… for JUST my child. You have nothing on me, as I speak nothing but the truth. Perhaps you should try it sometime.

Furthermore… by now, you should know that I don’t respond well to idle threats. So, if you’d like to “unleash hell” on me… go for it… karma’s a bitch!

Chevygurrl2004, don’t listen to him because if he has money to pay a snake ass lawyer then he should have money for childsupport. Raising kids isn’t a game, but he obviously thinks it is because he used the word. You have my support sister, Stay strong and prayed up

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