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I was 19, engaged to the man of my dreams, when we found out I was pregnant. At first, Spencer was more happy then I was… picking out names, who the baby would look like, and being the father he never had. When I hit 3 months along in my pregnancy, that was when everything changed. He started becoming promiscuous, calling me up to brag about it, yet telling me he loved me all the while. After landing himself in rehab, finding three girls to cheat on me with, then in jail… I had no where to go, no one to turn to, but to leave Virginia and come home to my parents when I was 7 months pregnant. (During my pregnancy he saw me twice. Two times. The man I loved, would do anything for, the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with… saw me twice.) I gave birth to our amazing daughter, still no sign of Spencer. Once my daughter was born, he started sleeping around even more so.. hotornot.com, facebook… whatever and whoever would open their legs to him, well.. you get the picture. He still told me he loved me, gave me his password to myspace and I was able to see all the women he had been sleeping with. My daughter is now 18 months (going on 19 in a few days) and Spencer has seen her once. One time. When he saw her, she was 4 months old. I paid for his plane ticket to see her. And since then, he has had nothing to do with me or our daughter. Nothing. No birthday present, no card, I had to pay for a paternity test, I picked out her name, I’ve changed every diaper, and he hasn’t called to talk to her … NOT ONCE. She had no father. Spencer wants nothing to do with our amazing daughter. And he is just as big as a slut today then 2 years ago. He has taken no responsibility, and I don’t want this to happen to another women or child. My daughter deserves more then this deadbeat, poor excuse of a man. And I think everyone should know what a joke this guy really is.

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Since I have only seen Spencer once in the past two years, I don’t have any pictures of him. This is a picture he posted onto his facebook of the new flavor of the week.

im positive this wont be the last time we’ll see him on this site……. good god

he needs to grow up before its too late

He’s a piece of shit.

oh, it’s WAY to late. I just think he’s a horrible person, and everyone should know what a joke this guy is. If you are out partying the day your child is born, out having sex, drinking… please. He is ridiculous, it just blows my mind he’s able to sweet talk these girls enough to get in their pants…

how old is that chick anyway… damn, she better wrap that shit up, that guy prob has something

@Travis – LOL, yeah she looks 17

LMFAO! ya she does!

I love this site, I’d totally be into him.. totally my type, look wise… but after reading this HELL NO!! …beat she’ll be posting on her soon about him not being there for their kid…

I say if everyone clicks the Facebook “like” button it will eventually get back to her and then he’s gonna be looking for more jail bait, lol. “Click” im in… anyone else?

HAHAHAHAHAHA, Fresh2Death….. sooo in, that shit’s hilarious!

WHATTTT?!?! fucked up, that chick is on my facebook……

..it’s a small world, i guess

Ha travis it worked

How pathetic

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