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Fitzgerald Mclean could easily win the Deadbeat Dad award. He lives in the same city as his daughter, and actually lived 2 blocks from her for a couple of years. She turned 9 today. I texted him to remind him it was her birthday because he didn’t remember it on his own, and he didn’t even ask to speak to her… just told me he would stop by to see her today. He didn’t of course. In 9 years, he has only taken his daughter on two occassions, and both times it was only for a few hours and he didn’t even spend time with her, he dropped her off with his other BM. He works under the table doing construction, but keeps a part-time job in the evenings as a janitor at the court house so he only has to pay $105 a month in support. He makes a LOT more doing construction, so if anyone knows who he is working for and want to let me know so I can bust his ass that would be great!! He is an alcoholic, and always has money for weed, booze and women, but never for his kids. The money isn’t even what bothers me… it’s that she will call him and want to see him and he ALWAYS blows her off. She actually told me today that she didn’t expect to see him. :( It breaks my heart. She is on the porch right now waiting for him to show up… but I know he won’t. She is an amazing kid, too. Straight A student and one of the most kind hearted people you could meet. He is such a loser to miss out on knowing her. He couldn’t tell you when her birthday is, her favorite color, her aspirations in life… nothing. He knows nothing about her. He had NEVER bought her ANYTHING for her birthday, Christmas, Easter, etc… nor does he call her on any of these holidays… she will have to call him and half the time he won’t answer. So if you see this deadbeat who also has quite a few other children in Jamaica (his homeland) and in the USA… run!!! But get the name of his employer for me first, please! :)

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Hello, My name is Jen and I am a producer for a talk show in NYC. Please give me a call I am doing a show on deadbeat dads and would like to help you out. 347-974-1641.

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