Forever Dead Beat + Loser!!!!

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This guy was my high school sweat-harts. Although he never really went to school but that’s another story. We met when i was 15. Dated back & forth for years until I became pregnant with our daughter. She is now 17. Since she been in the world i can count on one hand how many birthday parties he has helped with (1). School clothes,… forget about it. He works when ever he can get his lazy self outta his moms house. Once he he got married he helped a bit more,….but not before he helped himself. I remember asking him for clothes for our daughter & his response was for me to not ask his Mom until AFTER HE GOT HIS CLOTHES!!!!!!!!! Yeah & its been that way ever since. His wife left & hes back with Momma & still no job..I don’t even know what child support is!!! & for the life of me i don’t know why any self respecting women would get with a grown ass men living in his Momma house & knocking on 40’s door. Dam shame. its 2011, our daughter is graduating from high school & guess what she got to buy school clothes & shoes $60. Yupp $60!!! What can be bought with that.But thats what this man gave his ONLY CHILD FOR SCHOOL!! Because I refuse to ask him for anything, our daughter asked him for some new shoes…”didn’t yo Momma just buy you some?” All i could think was Dam Loser!! Paying for here senior things he already told her he aint gonna do it!! She told him my mom made a list for things to be split evenly between both parents..he laughed. & when she told her um (daddy) that I the mother of his child was taking him to court to get $$$ for her. This DEAT BEAT LOSER FAT PUNK said “Psst she aint gonna get nothing!!” Dumbo Loser its $$$ for YOUR child not for the Mom (ME)!! If you in Detroit & see this pathetic large piece of man, call him out!! Maurice Mcdonald is a LAZY DEAD BEAT LOOSER!!!

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thank you crappy dads!!!!

What’s a sweat hart?

@smartykeke I’m a television producer taping a show on deadbeat dads next week. I’d love to talk to you about your story. You can reach me at 212.419.7413. Thanks! Hope to hear from you.


Girlfriend, you go get an education, cause you sound so ghetto. You’ll see how the world opens up for you like the oyster opens up for hard tool. Yo be able to buy yo kids the best shoes, even Jordans. Yep, education will definitely help you.

This post isn’t about education or the lack of.. It’s about a dead beat not taking care of his own!

@PJ’s mom.
Dear lady, please understand my point of view. If the woman had education, she would have been independent, maybe she would have found a decent man, not a slum cat. Maybe she would not have been so promiscuous, and maybe she would have had a better paying job where child support would not have been needed.

You seem to think that one must do what a judge orders. However, if you read (without bias) how the child support system is working, it being just a money squeezing machine, from both women and men, then, you would agree with me that unjust laws need be disobeyed. And that is exactly what we’re doing, we are engaging in an act of civil disobedience.

Hi! My name is Denise, I am a TV producer in LA. I would love to talk to you about what’s going on. Please call me at 323-451-2446 Thank you so much!

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