Freddie TheNinjaassassinpoetit Gilbert

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DEADBEAT!!!SMH…..Wanna be poet???5 kids????Maybe more…Good for nothing low down dirty father???No more like Sperm doner.Grow up be a man and take care of your kids!!!!Tries to get in touch with his kids for what??It’s not like you’re actually gonna help their mothers take care of them.I am one of your many kids.And I must admit you did for me when I was younger but where have you been the past 10 years of my life???You ARE NOT my father I have a step dad that has been much more of a dad than you have ecer been to me…I really hope you see this you bum…PS:Get a effing haircut!!!!!!

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This thing really looks like a deadbeat! What were you girls thinking of? Well yeah we all make mistakes. I feel like this too (what the hell was I thining of?)…….

To the dumb as chic who think her kid is mine (like the late Micheal Jackson) bitch you can beat it, stupid as fuck and don’t think i not know who u is ass-Nah next time i log in i will expose ur ass having you baby girl typing ur word that coming out ur mouth. ur mom need to tell u the truth so yall what face the shame like yall are doing now (without a father) withplanty of kids in ur home, and if ur step dad was taking care rasing her like she claim, u would’nt have to much time on ur hands puting up my pic on here ass. so now yall a PC and not putting it to good use, O-i don’t answer unknown calls like the name on her birth certificate(UNKNOWN) AND REMEMBER-I DO HAVE PIC OF U WHEN U STAYED UP TOWN WITH DOING THE HOLIDAYS AND WEEKENDS-P.S NAH U know Clyde BARBER SHOP been stop cutting my hair BEFORE J WAS BORN AND CALLING ME DADDY-SO we can do this the eeeeeeezzzz way r the hard way-delete ur page dummy

get a hair cut freddie and some spelling lessons maybe then you could get a job and pay your child support

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