Fresno California’s biggest loser …..I present you with Rene!

Posted on : 22-08-2011 | By : true2me | In : California, Deadbeat Dads


rene and bebes-1.jpg (201 KB)

This man here wins the deadbeat of the year award, He has one very beautiful child who he refuses to take car of. This man is living with a woman who you and I support, yes folks they get public assistance together (welfare) and he refuses to get a job because he does not want to pay support. His son is now 4 years old and ths deadbeat has not done a damn thing for his son. Here is the real kicker folks…… He is a parolee, fresno’s finest!! his hobbies include laying around all day..finding excuses on why he can’t get a job, spending food stamps and eating as we the tax payers foot the bill. (this hog is living high on the hill.) He enjoys spending long days sitting outside his apartment thinking of ways to become even more of a non productive piece of crap. His track record includes substance abuse and domestic violence… ladies this man is a real catch. The Picture above is this man in a rare form, one of the last times he did anything for his son. what a shame.

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