From A long line of deadbeat dads. I give you Carl Jerome Keys, Jr- Floirda

Posted on : 13-02-2011 | By : sweetrain | In : Deadbeat Dads, Florida


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Mr.Carl Jerome Keys, Jr of Plant City, Fl living in either Lakeland or TN. Is the father of one wonderful 4yr old girl named after him. Mr. Keys has walked out of our lives every 6mths or so. He has attacked me, stolen my money, my car as well as items of vaule. He has not worked in over 10 yrs and owes his baby over 10,000usd in support. But, the worse thing is he will not speak to his child unless he is with me.

Mr. Keys will not work, he would tell me that I make more than enough and he didnt need to work. Ladies, watch out he from the south he says yes, ma’am and such…..But, he is learking somewhere on a couch or spareroom near you……
Grow up Carl. get a job and stop leaving off of women

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