GCS finds deadbeat dad online.

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http://t.co/uBpXjQj Georgia child services found deadbeat dad by googling his name and found an article with picture posted verifies he is in the state of Georgia after several family members help him to evade paying child support for his only child.
The article by kombatkamera.com stated Fayette County, GA. January 10, 2011. The results of a snow fall the previous night. Fayette County resident Sam Latzzis shovels snow from his driveway on Georgia Highway 314. Latzzis, a native of Chicago, IL, is no stranger to shoveling snow.
I said he is also no stranger to being arrested, many in the transgender and cross dressing Atlanta community may be aware of him because he often post on Craigslists looking for Trannies and cross dressers and has several post on plenty of fish where he states that he has no kids, when you can look all his information up online and he owes over $7,000 in back child support for one child when it took him 13 years to get to that point where he has never paid a dime toward the care of his only son.

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I know the guy your talking about and your right he has’nt seen his son due to the childs mother Robyn Bridges/Mitchell has kept the child away from his and his entire family since he was born. Have you told people how you use to go to prison where you met sam and where all 3 of your children were concieved? Rasheedah Mitchell & Raven Mitchell. Have you mentioned about your PCP drug usage? Have you told everyone how you are working under one name and collecting snap under your divorce name? Have you informed people how you are selling drugs in Marietta,Ga. where your living? Have you told people how you set your oldest daughter Rasheedah, (father June Bangs) to be killed after he was released from prison? Have you told the people how you are collecting child support from 2-different mens you had children by? YOU HAVE 3 KIDS, WITH 3 DIFFERENT MENS, which you met all 3 in prison where you were inpregnated with all 3. About sam being transgender thats your story of lies you created in your 46 yr. old mind. You are way too old (46) to be in a child state of mind, but than again when your 5′3 210 lbs. I guess you have nothing else to do but sit on a computer and try to slander someone because your miserable, no life and no one to enjoy ur life with. Tell everyone about your brother Jesse Cortez B-02007 who is serving 35 yrs. for murder & rape of a 11-yr. old girl, whom you assisted in hiding your bro. from police knowing his drastic crimes? Tell the truth Robyn Ann Bridges/Latzzis/Mitchell, all they have to do is investigate your 3 different last names your using for child support/employment/snap…

As you can see the truth hit a nerve, Only a sorry bastard would tell lies and involve a child, well he will be in court May 18 in Griffen Ga 9am or the next post will be an arrest warrant at on highway 314
(http://www.kombatkamera.com/Journalism/Local-News/News-Stuff/7952631_aotgj/1/1152722382_Vg3ya#1152721338_uK5dK) they obviously know where to find him. All the information stands for itself no lies need to be told.

You would think that living with his parents Hazel and Sam Latzzis for his entire life and his 2nd wife Tracy byrd divorcing him because she caught him getting high in her house he would do the right thing, but some nigga’s will never learn. June Aka Sam Daniel Latzzis.

Also for those that are not into deadbeat dads be aware of his post on plenty of fish where he uses the name ifoundher and states he has no children and tells women he moved back to Georgia to help his 1 breasted mother who he claims had cancer, or craigslist posting from slat727@aol.com.

So the drama continues, after his second failure to appear in court and an active arrest warrant issued, his license suspended, the sperm donor contacted a 15 yr old through facebook and tells him, here is my number 678-572-9352, I love you but lets keep this a secret, don’t tell nobody this is between me and you, call me asap! sounds like things a pedophile would say, But said nonthing about the $8,000 in back child support that he owes, mention nonthing about if he needed anything for school.SMMFH

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