Georgia’s number 1 DeadBeat

Posted on : 01-10-2010 | By : Kenya | In : Deadbeat Dads, Georgia


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Meet Stanley Mays Jr. A 36 year old, unemployed, deadbeat dad! He has 3 children by three different women and claims 2 more children from two other different women that arent his at all. He allows his women to disrespect and put their hands on his children. He does NOTHING to support these children. He hasnt had an on the books job in years which leaves my child support for my nine year old son at $66 a month and he doesnt even pay that. He never shows up to court, always finds ways to get out of his payments and warrants, which I believe it is because his father (who shares the same name as him) is an ATF officer here in Georgia. He gets away with murder. We live in the same state and he doesnt call his child, he doesnt come get his child and he doesnt support his child. He’s an unemployed, carless, homeless bum. He lives in his grandmothers house because he has a mother who won’t allow him to grow up and condones his deadbeat dad behavior. Stanley Mays Jr is the all time deadbeat dad!!!!

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Really?? I feel bad, but you got two baby daddies on here so maybe you need to stop throwing rocks at a glass house. Just saying. I understand it’s wrong for them not to take care of their kids, but you go on about how many baby mommas this one has and you have two on the same site!! SMH. Do better.

Number 1, my kids are almost 9yrs apart, not back to back, which means im not running around getting pregnant by any ole tom, dick and harry.
number 2, I was with the father of my last child, and the way he was you couldnt tell me he wasnt gonna b a great dad.
number 3, I have two kids not 5.
number 4, no one, and I mean no one really knows a person or how they will be when you either marry them or have children with them. I waited 9yrs b4 having a 2nd child because I thought I had a good person, So before you talk shit, know the facts. It doesnt matter if I had 10 kids, it should be two parents taking care of those kids not one. My argument isnt that I chose 2 bad men, its that those two men have two beautiful lives that they helped create, yet do nothing to be apart of those lives. People make bad choices everyday, in my case, I made two of them, but Im owning up to my mistakes, I take care of my children, so check yourself! SMFH!

We can’t make anyone do anymore than they want to! Lashawn you shouldn’t judge MissNYC22 for what’s happening to her babies… that’s not her fault!

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