Gods Gift To Women

Posted on : 29-06-2011 | By : IfYouOnlyKnew | In : Deadbeat Dads, Missouri


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Ladies, meet Josh Patton. He is quite the catch!! He is a great liar, thief and manipulator. He has a beautiful daughter who is nearly four years old whom he wanted her mother to abort. He refused to even acknowledge the pregnancy unless it was to call the mother a whore and tell people that she was sleeping around (which she wasnt). He refused to acknowledge the little girl’s birth, except to send texts, voicemails and emails threatening harm.
In the last three and half years, Romeo here has gone through more girlfriends than underwear, taken money and valuables from all off them and their families, has seen his daughter a total of five times with a combined total of an hour, cant stay in a residence for longer than 30 days, has no license and no car, threatened harm and lives, refused to get a job for fear of paying child support and harrasses anyone involved with his daughter with lies and nonsense AND he thinks that he is the victim in the entire situation.
Sound too good to be true?! The best part is, he can drop two to three hundred dollars on any given Saturday night down in the Power and Light District, but he refuses to pay his $300 a month child support because he cant afford to live if he has to pay it.

C’mon ladies, how could you refuse??? He is a dream come true RIGHT?!

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