Gregory Alan Thomas – Owes over $6000.00 and counting!!!!!

Posted on : 31-08-2011 | By : youwishyouknew | In : Deadbeat Dads, Indiana


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Gregory Alan Thomas, last known to live in South Bend, Indiana, spends very little time (if any at all) with his 15 year old son and has not done anything to support him for most of his life. Gergory spends his time & money playing every video game system or computer game, threatening to shoot himself, putting down everyone around him, abusing his younger son, (named Thomas Allen Thomas), trying to have threesomes or hopping from job to job claiming to be management.
This loser can’t keep a job, can’t keep a home and has no idea how to be a grown up. I wish the D.A. would actually uphold the law and throw him in work release or jail until his debt is paid…maybe then his oldest son can have minutes for his phone to call him or clothes for school, a haircut…basic stuff for a kid his age.
Angry & frustrated!!

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