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This loser is Gregory J. Hansen, he actually calls himself HipKat. He is a 46 year old who preffers computers, porn, prostitutes, and sexual deviancy of any kind over his two little girls who are 6 and 3. Might I add he was adopted when he was born and his two daughters are the ONLY blood relatives he has ever met, yet denies them any sort of financial support what so ever. Shortly after finding Rape porn, child rape porn NUMEROUS emails from prostitutes and Dominatrixes, phone sex bills and messages from every singles websites such as and and suffering a miscarriage I ended the relationship. My final straw was when he slapped me and spit in my face after our 3rd daughter died telling me I didnt deserve to have any children nor did our baby deserve a proper burial. He spent our daughters funeral money on a “Super Computer” and new android phones. He has had no problem cashing in on our girls however claiming not only them but myself during tax season leaving us with absolutely NOTHING. Not a single Christmas present, birthday gift or anything a child needs such as clothes, shoes ect. In fact he has NEVER in his entire life bought either of our girls a single outfit, pair of shoes or coat. I can only thank god for my parents who have supported me being as Im a stay at home mom being afraid to leave him alone with my children.
As Karma has it I fell in love with my best friend last year and he asked me and my daughters to move in with him. Not being able to bare another moment in the abusive terrifying situation I was in I agreed, well he caught on to this and due to the advice he recieved on a message board trying to get out of having to pay child support he went secretly and filed an order of protection against me and 3 days before we were moving out he had me served with papers throwing me and my two young daughters out of our home with NOTHING but a garbage bag full of pillows, a blanket and one change of clothes. He denied us EVERYTHING including my at the time 2 year olds crib. He was told that the only way he could get out of paying child support was to have me removed from the house with an OP, well he did. Of course when this all ended up in court he was ordered to court supervised visitation being as I showed up to court with pictures of me beaten black and blue, pictures of him in my underclothes I found on our computer and hand written notes he wrote calling himself “Princess Plays with Himself” calling himself a “sissy faggot who wants to lick toilet seats” and worse, Ill spare you the SICK details. To get out of this he all but stopped going to supervised visitation and spent my babies tax money on hack lawyer who despite the major incriminating evidence against him chose to defend a sexual deviant. My girls and I have been out of his house since August of 2010 and he hasnt given me a single dime of child support, and my girls have not received one Christmas gift, or Birthday Present. He did however give them a Halloween gift at supervised visitation which happened to be a basket full of MY THINGS he took from me when he had us thrown out. I have since married my best friend/boyfriend of a year and he has footed the bill for me and my girls 100%. The only involvement he wishes to have what so ever with our daughters is to try and get out of paying child support. He is now dating a woman who’s husband is an ex con and whose children have been taken from her from DCFS for neglect and abuse. And he brags about spending his money taking care of her and the numerous new droid phones he has bought himself online on message boards.

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WTF??? Child rape porn??? Did you take the computer to the police? They will totally arrest him for that sick shit he’s doing. Do you have to let him see the kids, since he’s not paying child support? You can have his license revoked in Illinois for not paying child support, you need to do that. YOU NEED TO TAKE LEGAL ACTION AGAINST THIS CREEP!!!

Hang tight sister.

wow and you call yourself a mother, half of what I read here is lies….just because he filed a order of protection against you doesn’t stop him from having to pay child support…so that is a lie….and for the child porn you found on his computer and you conyinued to stay makes you a bad mother and for not reporting it makes you a worthless mother, and for you strating another relationship before you ended the one you was in makes you a cheat and not a good example for your children…and for the tax returns there is paper work you can fill out to prove that his claim is fraud but instead of being a stand up parent you chose to do what you did….you make me sick and neither one of you deserve to have those children. if you was anything of a parent you would of called the police when he beat you, when you found child porn on his computer etc….this site makes me sick nowhere is there any facts to any of these stories just a bunch of unfit mothers bashing their ex’s online for the world to see their dirty laundry. I came to this website thinking I would post my story but after reading several stories I don’t think mine belongs on here, it belongs on a real website that is really there to help mothers like me trying to collect child support…your story made you look just as dumb as your ex…

Wow, the things you find when you Google your name.

I’ll let my lawyer handle this pack of atrocious lies

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