Gregory Lane, who got a girl pregnant and ran off because he coudn’t be a real man!

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I am 18 yrs old and am pregnant by this piece of shit. He got me knocked up when I was 17, he is 25. He told me all these lies and said he was going to Iowa to get a better job and I could move down there when I turned 18. I ask him when he was there, if he would ever come back to Indiana where I grew up at if I didnt like it in Iowa, that way he would try Indiana since I tried Iowa. I ask for me and the baby would you try it. He said,”fuck no I wouldn’t step foot back in that piece of shit state!” “Not even for the baby?!” “No, because it’s better here.” So we fought and we decided to just go our seperate ways. I said I would call him and let him know about dates and times, appointments and post pictures, we would figure out custody rights. He blocked me from Facebook(as did his entire family), claimed I suckered him into my pregnancy because I wasn’t taking birth control, it wasn’t his, I had cheated on him and was a whore and now he is currently with his ex(who he was engaged to before but she decided she wasn’t ready and got a girlfriend), is engaged to her and is trying to have a baby. So I hear, he doesn’t want anything to do with this baby and said if he has to, all he has to do is get father rights and take the baby from me if he really wanted it. When I found out I was pregnant, my first paycheck I bought a babybook and 2 outfits, he bought a bottle…of liquir! He is an alcholic, doesn’t man up to his responsibilities and I am more mature then he will ever be and I’m 18, he will be 26. What a fuckin pieceofshit, low life.

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This deadbeat seems he can’t even take proper care of himself can we say ”’ toothbrush ”” uggh at them yellow teeth

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