Guy Cully – the Ulimate Deadbeat DAD!!!

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Over $12,000 behind in child support. However you can find him partying on Just type in the zip 89801 and ages 39-41. His screen name on there is ‘metalminer’.

I have our quadruplets here with me. They are 3 yrs old and Guy hasn’t seen them in about 18 months. They don’t even know who he is. That is a good thing though. He is a heavy alcoholic and abused me quite often. He finally was arrested for assault on me. I am busting my butt trying to provide for my kids and make a great healthy and christian life for them. It’s hard not getting the $1,136 I need each month to buy diapers, wipes, hair cuts, shoes, clothes, keep the lights on, property taxes, morgage, car insurance, homeowners insurance… etc.

He is living with his mommy and daddy on Griswald street in Elko NV. If you see him please ask him to BE A MAN AND PAY HIS CHILD SUPPORT. If he has money to buy a new Tatoo and party several times a week then he can pay child support. His parents are probably feeding him and not charging him rent.

Please note that there is a restraining order against him. He cannot come within 500 ft of me and all my children. So don’t encourage him to follow through with his many death threats he made against me in the past. Encourage him to PAY!!!!!

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New info about Guy Culley. He was removed from after complaints. But he is on Says he’s been single for 6 years and has 1 child. I guess his son (pictured with him) is living with him in Elko. Which kind of makes sense because his son’s mom is an alcoholic and hit his son. Also Brent (his son) is just like his dad. Verbally abusive and he made a point to lay a hand on my daughter who is the same age. Not ok and glad I got me and my kids away from those two.

Guy has told support enforcement that he still isn’t working and can’t pay child support. However last week I found him online running his Culley’s Painting business out of Elko, NV where he currently lives. The online source said he grossed $190,000 in 2010 and has the same financial projection for this year. It also said he has 5 employees.

He is scum…!!! If you are a moman and in in Elko watch out for him. He is dangerous and a liar.

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