Harold David Monroe III aka Kip, Quame

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I met this Dead BEat in an AOL chat room in 1999, I was 17 he was 18. We hooked up and I got knocked up. After going back and forth about wheter he was the father, I got tired and took him to court. It has been 10 yrs and he still hasnt been caught. The day this pic was taken, in 2005 was the last time he saw our son. He has gotten married and I recently found him thru his wifes facebook page. He refuses to take a paternity test and says that if it shows he is the father he will not have anything to do with my son. His family is just as bad. He fought for custody of his second child ( one he was told by the childs mom wasn’t his) but refuses to even try and find out if my son is his. Its been 10 yrs, its time for this to be over.

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This jerk now lives in Woodbridge VA.

Hmmm Where should I go with this? First of all I am his wife. We have been together 6 years so I would have to say that I know him much better then some slut that met him and slept with him right away. These allegations that he is this childs father are crazy. He has a 9 yr old daughter that he has custody of and we adopted my 15 yr old God Son. He has always wanted a son so I know if this child were his he would do any and everything for him. You should not go around accusing innocent men of impregnating you, especially when you have several kids with several different men.

By the way. If you knew so much about him you would know that you are slandering the name of our deceased son Harold David Monroe III and My Husbands name is Harold David Monroe II.

If you and he are so sure why wont he do a paternity test? Put your money where your big fat mouth is and PRO\/E it, dumb blonde

First of all I wouldnt spend a dime on your kid. You want paternity you will pay for it. Second of all Im not a blonde get it right. Third of all if you wasnt suck a whore maybe you could keep track of your kids fathers.

Damn the jerk lives in woodbridge happily with our two kids and the whore lives in Rhode Island with her 3 kids and no dads. Go figure!

Yeah I do, See Im making MY kids li\/es better. You wouldnt know about that would you? And how happy are you? YOU said he sucked in bed, had a bad coke habit, and was a raging drunk. My Fiance is a real man, he takes care of his kids and mine too. You stand up for your deadbeat husband, good for you. Now sit down and shut up. Tell you husband to come to court when he is summoned. Silly Rabbit Tricks are for kids, and HAROLD MONROE is definitely a Trick. You really lucked up hunh?



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