Harold Torres

Posted on : 25-08-2011 | By : gingerbear84 | In : Deadbeat Dads, Florida


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This man is an emotional manipulator. He lives 5 streets down from me and it is a hassle for him to see his son. He comes and gets his son when he feels like playing daddy to try and save his image. Its really sad and hurtful to know this man is only a dead beat to our son, but he keeps his other son full time. He doesnt want to help mommy. He has been spotted by myself and neighbors coming up and down my dead end street. He works under the table and collects unemployment and lives up the night life with drugy friends. He tells friends and family im a drucken crazy bytch but yet he still tries to come and work things out. Then he walks out again on me and the baby. August 2010 he was put in jail by me for attacking me over watching our son. Its been an up and down emotinal rollar coaster. I ended it this last time we do go to court this week. Its father’s day and he has not even asked to spend time with our son. BORICUAS watch out. He lies, steals and cheats people. He He barely pays what he is ordered to pay and the only reason why i recieved a full payment is because we will be in court in a week and daddy was scared cause i warned him about jail time. Ladies he can be charming and play the sad fat man victim role. Drives a gold honda accord, roughly 95′ year, yellowish rims, loud muffler.

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