Have you seen this d-bag?

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Have you seen this d-bag? His name is Scott Hewett and he lives in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He moved out of his home state of New York to avoid paying child support. He hasn’t seen his kid in over two years and is $8,500 behind in child support. He has no license (it got taken away because he’s been caught drunk driving a few times too many) and no car because he spends all his money gambling at the casino instead of registering his car and paying auto insurance like a normal person. He is an alcoholic, cokehead loser living in someone’s basement. Oh, forgot to mention that he has HERPES and fails to reveal that to the many girls he sleeps with. Oops, must have slipped his mind! If you see this scumbag, please punch him the face for me. Thanks.

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He also tells everyone that I’M the crazy one and that I never let him see his daughter. Lies. He’s the one who’s been committed to the psych ward like, 500 times and has scars all over his body. Wonder why he hasn’t ACTUALLY killed himself yet? Because he doesn’t want to die – he just LOVES the attention. He’s a sociopath who leeches off everyone he meets. He has gotten fired from EVERY job he’s ever had. He’s been engaged to three different girls in the past two years. This guy sucks.

He’s told me stories about you like you cheating on him with another guy and you werent even completely sure it was Scott’s?? Why is he 100% the bad guy in this situation? He said you and him got high on pills you stole or bought so don’t even try to act like you’re so perfect. Did he force you to get high with him? No..Why are you so hard up for his money, you and your daughter are taken care of, you SHOVE that fact in his face so why the need for his money?? If you hate him so much, and you knew he was a “cokehead loser” why did you get with him and have a kid in the first place? Also, why are you bringing up the psych ward thing? He told me you went to one too because you tried to kill yourself after you broke up with him.It looks like yours was for attention too. Not so perfect huh??? Then you went back with this “cokehead loser” and got pregnant. How are you so much better than him? All you did was find some guy who supports you and you dont have to do anything whatsoever but lay on your back. I mean why are you going around talking so much garbage when i heard you’re not so stable yourself, sweetie??? You were seeing lots of guys at the time maybe YOU gave him herpes? just sayin. He told me you always had a sore throat on and off so i dont know..infection maybe?? You liked to get just as trashed as he did, so I dont know where you get off saying all this.Go ahead and tell me you were an angel and he forced you to date him and he was such an “evil” influence on you. Yea right. Dont blame other people for your own crappy choices.

well the truth is we will never know the truth.cause there is two sides of every story i should know cause this is my life she is talking about.yes some things are right and alot of it is wrong and taken out of proportion.and i love how sarah sutton aka apple bean aka sarah trusewicz of boyle ave in totowa nj posted this after i decided to sign the adoption papers which she has long sought after so our daughter can be adopted by her real father richard sutton. its just funny how people can write stuff on these sites and slander others.I think people need to get a job and a life…….and ty arenagrl who ever you are.

Its sad that people have to post things like this to feel vindicated. Truth is you’re the one to blame, you knew what kind of boyfriend he was. You knew what kind of father he would be, but you decided to go through with the pregnancy.
Instead of coming on here and bashing him for being what you knew he was to begin with maybe you should look at your daughter, get over your hate and move on. Be happy that you have a good man who actually cares about your daughter. You’re the one who has been there for her as a parent and if you think for a second that this behavior (no matter how much you try to hide it) isn’t going to have a negative affect on her life, you are wrong. Just get over it, move on and be happy.

Whoaaaaa. Never cheated on him. Ever. Not even once. I never said I was perfect. But I was never an alcoholic, never did cocaine or shrooms. Also, I didn’t post this AFTER her signed consent for the adoption – I posted it before he did. That would be kinda pointless. I didn’t give him herpes. I don’t have it. But I do know who gave it to him, it’s not really a secret. When I met my husband, he was living at home, making $30k a year. I didn’t marry him for his money. He didn’t have any when we met. I could sit here all day, typing and trying to defend myself. But I’m not going to cos I don’t owe you (whoever you are) an explanation.

If you dont want to sit around, type and defend yourself then why did you bother posting all that slander? It seems like you wanted a reaction out of someone. Who said anything about ’shrooms,’ or marrying someone for money??? I guess that’s on your mind..Here’s something thats not slander:

“my mind’s been kind of racing since last night. i’ve been thinking a lot about the appointment with imee on tuesday. she said to me, “is there in issue of paternity?” and i said no. she said, “well, were you involved with anyone thirty days before or thirty days after the conception?” i hesitated and said yes. it was something i could never tell scott at the time, but obviously now it doesn’t matter if he knows that i slept with someone else.”

“i remember when i was pregnant and anytime i was really angry, i wished that the baby i was carrying wasn’t scott’s. and i got an email from scottie, asking if he was sure the baby was my fiance’s. i told him that i honestly didn’t know. he said he didn’t want to interfere and if the baby was his, he would just step back and let us raise it. that was admirable, and he wasn’t ready for a baby, anyway. ”

“”i hate to say this, but i kinda missed you.” he kissed me while “cry baby cry” was playing on the jukebox. i slept at his house that night, in his tiny twin bed, and i had to lie to scott the next morning. ”

Im just perplexed as to what other responses you thought you were going to get by posting on this site? Positive responses?

Anything can be taken out of context. Yes, I slept with ONE OTHER PERSON – while Scott and I were broken up over the course of four months. Is that a crime? I don’t think so. Anyhow, this conversation is over. I don’t even know you and you sure as hell don’t know me.

Lol ty so much arenagrrl who ever the hell you are. A little creepy though lol where the hell did you dig up those 5 year old posts she wrote? My step mom always said don’t post your life online if you don’t want others seeing it!but a sincere thank you for puttin her in her place just wish I knew who you were…

Might I add it’s a little creepy that you went out of your way to find livejournal posts that were written over five years ago. You must really care a whole lot about this something that has absolutely nothing to do with you.

lol, “put her in her place”? Not quite. You’re still a thirty yr old herpes-infested pedophile living in someone’s basement. And I can almost guarantee you that “arenagrl” is your ex-girlfriend, Jessica. She has nothing better to do with her time than search for people’s old journals and try to exploit them. Nice try, though.

You’re not “exploiting” Scott on this website? Also why are you resorting to name calling?? That must mean youre getting angry because everything posted was truth..Now it looks like your sweet momma exterior faded away for a second. Lol. Cupcakes anyone?

Yaaaaaaay cupcakes! Ill take one please mystery lady !!

Sooooo your really not gonna tell me who you are? You obviously know me. Ery well you can’t write me on facebook and just tell me who you are?

so This Scumbag has Herpes and is trying to screw my babys mother! Scum

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