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Gene Michael Ivanish, 12-27-1967 of New Jersey owes 40,725.00 in arrears for child support. May 4th. 2009 will be the 2 year anniversary of the last payment he has made toward the care of his 2 children, ages 7 and 11. Gene Ivanish has live on Long Island, New Jersey, and believed to be in the Moodus area of Connecticut. Any information on Gene Ivanish would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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Here’s a story, a Zen moment. There was a dog, and it was chasing this red Corvette for the longest time. One day, the dog caught the car but didn’t know what to do with it.

So… If you find your ex husband, what are you going to do?

Better yet, get on with your life and leave him alone.

dear mr. boot??????? or gene. thank you so much for that inspiring zen moment. the web is full of pseudo intellectualism at a click. i am getting on with my life. i have remarried to a wonderful man and live in the united kingdom. we own our home, and my children are in wonderful schools. my good fortune does not excuse my x husband from his financial obligations to his children. my x husband is not a red corvette. he is a loser of the greatest magnitude. he hides from a simple responsibility that most parents find pride in. he provides himself with food, shelter, transportation, and his many vices, but sends nothing to his children. he has their phone number but has not called in nearly 2 years. but i digress. what will i do when i catch the preverbal red corvette? prosecute to the full extent of the law. nothing less. so mr. boot, or mrs boot. there are many other sites for you to troll, strange you should single out mine. i took much care not to go on and on in an off color way about mr. ivanish. so maybe you are a friend of some sort. you have my sympathies. if you would pass on a message to mr. ivanish. i will never stop. if he continues to work off the books, what will he retire on? he’s not getting any younger. just something to think about.

omg I cant believe it we were told he was coming back from cali and that before he left his cancer came back and he died..did the gene you are speaking of have cancer at one point if so what kind?????

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