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this is GENE MICHAEL IVANISH……native of new jersey, also known in long island, and connecticut. as of may 4th 2011, he is two years, and 41,350.00 in arrears of court ordered child support for our two children. although mr. ivanish will profess his love for his children, he cannot seem to remember their birthdays, or how old his daughter is. mr. ivanish seems to be under the impression that his children do not eat, wear clothing, or need shoes. mr. ivanish must also believe that his children do not celebrate holidays such as christmas, because we are still waiting for the christmas box from 2009. mr. ivanish has not been able to find a job for any length of time in the past five years, because the economy is just too bad to find one. mr. ivanish has had a difficult time getting back on his feet after our divorce, even though he has no one to care for except himself. mr. ivanish is a social creature and can be found at the local pub where there is live music, friends back yard bar-b-ques, beach outings, concerts, etc. if you have seen this deadbeat, please contact me. he is supposed to be in the connecticut area, but when your life is living a lie, how is one to know.

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Hi, I am not sure if this is the same Gene I have been looking for. He was born in lodi NJ and moved to lyndhurst then to California was the last address. I was told he died back in the early 90’s. I was just wondering if you could tell me if they r one in the same persons. if so I will do my best to locate him and get help you and your children settle this.

Angie…. yes, this Gene is one in the same. he did go to california for a year or so and then back to n.j. and on to long island where i met him. he is from lodi and had 2 brothers and 2 sisters. that must be a rumor about him dying in california because his son was born in 1999, and his daughter 2003. he is alive and well, working off the books somewhere. any help would be appreciated, thank you.

yes, gene had testicular cancer and recovered. he stayed in remission and went on to father children…. if you are determined to find him. my sources know he is in n.j. or connecticut and if you go through his highschool friends you will find him. i live in England with my children and husband of 7 years. your gene and my x gene are one in the same. he tends to stay away from the areas where he has been arrested, and you will find those places with google. if you want more info you will have to contact me willowalk@outlook.com

Hey its Donna I was with Gene for awhile.. visited u in Texas.. Im looking for him to.. I can’t believe he stopped paying child support. When we were together he always made sure to pay it… hope u and the kids are having a good life in England.. I have always wanted to go there.. visit my homeland. Tell Gabriel I said hi and Merry Christmas!

hi Donna, could you please contact me at willowalk@outlook.com when you have a min. i tried to contact you back in 2006 and tell you thank you so much for the gifts you had sent for my children. gene told his last girlfriend he paid his child support too, but i allowed her to view my OAG support page, and she was not happy when she saw the truth with her own eyes. look foreward to hearing from you. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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