He has a new family now

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Meet John. He is a 47 year old man who now has two children by two diff women. One is my son and the other is his daughter from a previous marriage. He currently lives in Louisiana with his new girlfriend and has since seemed to forget that he has a son down here. He could care less to pay any child support or cover his child on insurance. He got 6,000 dollars behind in child support before I finally found out where he worked and reported him. Its sad I had to report him in order to get him to pay. He doesnt call his son except maybe once or twice a month and rarely sees him. He know spends all of his time with his new girlfriend and her son. STAY AWAY FROM HIM WOMEN!! He is a smooth talker but when it comes to actually taking care of his kids he could care less.

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ew he is gross looking! He must have drugged you.

We all make bad choices. This was my worst choice ever but I have a beautiful son from it. This man is the pure definition of DEADBEAT!!!

hahaha … He’s going to turn into his daddy once he gets older…

Funny. Obviously your a deadbeat too ” jack boot “

This looks my ex husband! – but his name isn’t John, it’s Brad…. are sure he’s not lying about the sex of his previous child from the former marriage, and are you sure he’s not younger? I wouldn’t put it past my ex to lie about his name his age and the sex of his child to another woman. So many people are looking for him right now, and he’s in hiding. Has this guy ever lived in Ohio?

Hi! My name is Denise, I am a TV producer in LA. I would love to talk to you about what’s going on. Please call me at 323-451-2446
Thank you so much!

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