He left me and our baby for my brother

Posted on : 25-09-2010 | By : Teisha Ruiz | In : Deadbeat Dads, Louisiana


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ladies beware of this dead beat RENARD A JOSEPH of waggaman, la !!!! he has so many picky headed kids running round this city. smh. i just had his latest baby. and come to find out my friend is pregnant with his seed right now…..the reason i am on here is cause renard bought one pack of diapers and he thinks thats gonna last for years ?? yaul he thinks he got the last laugh cause he goes home to his ugly ass wife every night but truthfully I GOT THE LAST LAUGH CAUSE IM LETTING THE WORLD KNOW HOW I WALKED IN THE ROOM AND CAUGHT RENARD FCUKING MY BROTHER IN THE AZZ…..i know u asked me to keep it a secret however until u give me some money for some formula i am gonna keep putting your azz on blast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAME ON BITCH f.y.i. happy early birthday hoe (oct)

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LOL!!! Wow, get him girl!!!

oh wow i think i know this man……. last week he tried to holla at me !!!!! thanks for the warning i am not gonna call him now. is all men gay in new orleans yaul ??

What?! This guy cannot be gay!!! He has been dating my cousin since before Katrina! As a matter of fact, she just said she thought she was preggers for him. I fucking HATE niggas!!! He just as bad as this shitty ass nigga I used to fucking date! I don’t see how these low down ass niggas could lead two lives and we women never find out. I’m about to start dating bitches cause I hate fucking men!!!

nawlins is small. i been heard this nigga got AIDS !! u bitches are dumb to keep having babies for this nigga…..GO GET A EDUCATION !! DUMB BROADS

Tony I agree with you… Another triflin’ woman ain’t getting what she want and now she gonna embarrass herself she is telling us and the world that she knew this nigga had a whole bunch a kids and she fucked him and had a baby anyway.. DUMBASS!!!.. and guess what shawty now your kid is one of the many you call picky headed kids lol.. by the way you was sleepin with a gay dude and you braggin about it and with your own brother no less what the hell is wrong with you… Hope ya brother is out of the closet because not only did you put this nigga on blast you put ya fam on blast too… IMMA SEND YOU A DOLLA CUZ U NEED TO BUY A CLUE!!!! Good going MOM

WTF?????!!!!!!!! o_O


renards not married ! WTF ? my girl told me to come on this website so i can see it for my self. him and i actually spend time together i even meet his kids. we was falling in love….@ teisha ruiz u just ruined my entire world if what u are stating is correct. this explaines why during sex he always tried to put his d*ck in my a*s

She aint ruin your world she saving your life LOL… dumb as hell for making a man ya whole world… and correction you were fallin in love with DODO DICK…bitch bye…..

lmao looks like this bitch @ purexstacy03 aint got positive shit to say….nwayz good job for putting this lame ass faggot on blast….this dudes aint got no shame and ps::if you think all this ladies are dumb for putting their baby’s father on this website…bitch wait till you have your own and he aint there for ya ass but b4 that keep your mouth shut if you aint got positive shit to say….

wow. wow. wow. !!!! seems like most of u females on here have something in common RENARD !! this makes me never wanna get married. i feel sorry for his wife and kids for this embarrasment :(

i luv gay man. renard hit up ma email i wunna take u out and i wunna lick ur azz. if we have a deal i will but teisha another pack of diapers.

O.M.G. get him gurl !! this shit is funny !

Well you should be thankful he bounced, because if he is a FREAK to fuck your brother, there’s no telling what else he might be capable of. Please go get a life! How dare you blast a doodle dick that you let nut up in you. If he easily fucked your brother, than he was fucking dudes before and during you. SMH…..what a fucked up ass world. Glad I am single!

Damn is da Dick that good cuz dis niqqa aint even cute!

nah da dick aint good. i had him 3 months ago. he ate me out then fucked me and the whole thing lasted mabe 15 seconds. i threw up in my mouth when i looked down at his stomach and couldnt see his dick cause its so small and his stomach is so big. i neva called him back after that.

For real lil mama?? I mean why would you even say you fucked ol’ boy after she just put it in here he fucks men in the bookie??? You just made yourself look dumb as hell. All you women that screwed him need to get a test!!!

LMAO! That is hilarious!

Man this is some bullshit first of I known this man for years this dude is one of my best friends aint no fucking way he is gay thats bullshit you hoes is scorned so yall trying to ruin this mans reputation you ragedy bitches don,t have your way so a nigga got to b a fag,that a typical new orleans hoe for ya.

shut the fuck up DJEZICE. u must be one of renard’s cheerleaders. first of all i dont live in new orleans and second of all i aint no ho. get off my post and go suck renards dick…..u know he will like it…….HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Ya dumb bitch ya busted the Real Teisha knows who djezice is so this means that you are a hatin ass nigga or a stupid hurting hoe,Renard not going to entertain this bullshit but i,m yo huckleberry I can do this shit all year I own my own company I got the time But anyway please allow me to retort FUCK YOU,YA hip hop to aint happening WHORE.

Mmmmm you are my huckleberry ?? well come here daddy and suck my dick. u and renard would like dat huh ??? and reanna’s fat ass been sitting at home eating dick’s all year. dats bitch is fatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. moo cow jtfo.

grow the fuck up little girls. she blocked me on face book before i could show her my latest MASTERPIECES…….and many more to come !! next up ?? making copies of all my work and sending it to his boss…….. all renard have to do is buy me another pack of diapers and bring them where i work. and oh baby needs milk too. then we can call a truce.

shit one more fucking thing @ DJEZICE please do me one more favor…. PLEASE TELL RENARD JOSEPH…..THAT MY BROTHER SAYS CALL HIM……AND OH U CAN CALL HIM TOO !!



where the fuck u at @DJEZICE. stand the fuck up u punk ass bitch. since u wanna ride renards dick. man up hoe.

Lmao. I don’t know you Teisha but good job posting this deadbeat. It must be the bike because he’s not cute at all. Ladies start using protection and get yourself tested.

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