He thinks he is clever by staying ahead of support enforcement!

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His name is Steven J. Rasmussen. He thinks he is being clever by staying one step ahead of child support enforcement. Last I knew, he was working in Roscoe, Illnois and living with his parents in Beloit, WI. He called our daughter tonight. When I got on the phone with him, he refused to tell me where he was working. He said, with a laugh, let that Washington State Child Support Enforcement figure that out. I have two children from a 15 year marriage with him, one being mentally handicapped. He hightailed on out of here in 2005 and hasn’t returned since. He is nearly 60k behind in support payments. My daughter believes that he is working in Fort Atkinson, WI. If anyone has any information on him, please contact myself or Washington State Child Support Enforcement at 425-438-4800. Thank you and God bless.

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I’m here just for laughs, you women sleep in the bed you made. Maybe your daughter has genetic crazyness, just like her mom (that’s you). I am pretty sure you are a crappy wife, maybe we’ll post your ugly mug on crappywife.com.

You think that anyone gives a crap about WA state CS? Everybody hates them. Why would anyone help you or them?

And here’s the good part – in WA there is a statute of limitations on the child support – 10 years after the youngest child on support reaches 18.

So, if I was you, I’d take a second (paying job) and play with the hand life gave you.

Remember, every hand’s a loser and every hand’s a winner. The best you can hope for is to die in your sleep. (That’s Kenny Rogers)

@Jack Boot (Jackass is more like it):

First of all, someone cared, because wa state child support did find him and they are collecting support from him now. I have not found a way of deleting my original post or I would. However, for someone to genetically-create a child and then attempt to run away from the responsibility is not only illegal, but also morally degrading to the child/ren involved. I have seen firsthand what parental abandonment does to a child. I have spent many nights holding my crying daughter, who was a pure “daddy’s girl” at one point, as she wondered what she had done for her daddy to not come visit her anymore. You can leave your partner, but that doesn’t give you the right to turn your back on your child, the one, who has your flesh and blood. Go ahead and get you laugh in, if you really find emotional and physical abandonment humourous. It just will show everyone what kind of a person you truly aren’t.

“genetic crazyness”….why would you proceed to insult a child, who you do not even know?
“take a second (paying job)”…..who’s to say that I haven’t already done that AND isn’t it bad enough for my kids to have lost one parent, and then to lose another due to “a second (paying job)”?

I don’t think you people really know what it’s all about to owe child support. First you get divorced and lose 80 percent of your child “time” Then you move into a studio apt. because half of your check goes to the ex. She of course stays in a larger place, which I can accept, since they are my kids. Then you lose your job and can’t pay. The economy is in the toilet and hiring of mid 40’s laborers is at a complete nothingness. I had one thing going in that I was an exp. mover which years of on the job exp. Then, uh oh, suspended driver’s license right before I could of been working full time in that field. Oh, then, having no income and receiving food benefits, off to court I go again and again. Can’t pay! Warrant time. Cops are searching my parents house and any other place. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t indebtors’ jail go out with the middle ages! I mean give me a flipping break. Now, Im borrowing money from whomever to pay. I’ve gotton a couple of driving tickets because of the odd jobs I’ve taken to simply live and of course go to court. Can you say snowballing effect. Oh yeah, the wanted to take everything of value I had. Bank account, car, possessions of which all I have is
clothes and a bed. All else was sold off to keep current. Now I’m not a squeky clean man, had some brushes with law when I was younger, but nothing for 20 years. So, I’m a deadbeat dad in the flesh.
No job. no car. no drivers license. no permanent home (sleeping on mom’s couch). food card loser.
bus, train or elderly mom for any rides. all my possession fit in a small min-stg. which I’m behing in.
And I’m in the transportation field. Oh yeah, my ex called me and wanted me to let her new hubby adopt my then 15 year old son, she said to “help me” It would be a cold day in hell before I’d let that happen. Really just tell my son, “look, I want you to have a new dad and last name, because I’m a flipping loser now, so goodbye to my paternity” Absurd! now, see how it would be if you were in my shoes. Not fun emotionally or financially. So keep writing and throwing out laws that make it illegal to go to jail for owing money. U people are just vultures that want one thing: MONEY!!

To JohnnyS: and what do you think the custodial parent goes through with having to raise kids on his/her own? If we don’t have food in the house or clothes for the kids or are able to provide suitable daycare, so we can go to work, it is our kids we have to face. As for my ex, he ran away from our kids abandoning them. All you have to do is put a shirt on in the morning and head on out the door to find work or go to work. Try actually raising your kids on your own, where you have to actually find and pay for childcare, while looking for a job.

You know, I’ve been around men all my life. I find it incredible to believe that a man wakes up one day, and, in spite of all the good things he has going for him, he decides to pack up and leave. You mention that your daughter was “daddy’s girl”. Men don’t change, women do. You took that man for granted, I’ll bet, and he left.

Dearest Jack Ass,

I was a loyal military wife. I sent out careboxes and everything else. You’re an a-hole. You have nothing better to do than to poke fun of a serious topic that doesn’t affect you in the least. Get a life and go to another website and leaves us alone.

Hello, My name is Jen and I am a producer for a talk show in NYC. Please give me a call I am doing a show on deadbeat dads and would like to help you out. 347-974-1641.

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