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Posted on : 27-05-2011 | By : MamaKy | In : Deadbeat Dads, Pennsylvania


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THIS is your definition of a deadbeat daddy! When I first told him I was pregnant, his first response was “abort that s**t!”. Since I told him I was keeping the baby, he has refused to speak to me. Even when I filed for child support and took my daughter in for the paternity test, he called her an “it” and a “mistake” right to her face. What kind of man does that???? Oh and even after the paternity results came back and said he is the father, he still tells everyone she’s not his and I’m “psycho”. Really?!?!

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All I can say is karma is a bitch!!

Glad to see new ones up i was starting to lose faith in this site ,,, Uggh at this deadbeat he is a true jerk to say those things Wow

I put one in two weeks ago??? All these dads should be put under the jail and not in it. The kids lives they have screwed up and don’t care. Then us moms have to go and pick up all the pieces and try and make ends meat to take care of the kids and keep a roof over their heads while they are out living it up making more

Well said Oilandwater i put my babies deadbeat Father on here a month ago I”m so ready for the heartless loser to be posted on here …

How do I delete this already????

Seriously does anyone know how to delete these??

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