Hi, I’M RYAN MCNEELY and I’M a DEADBEAT DAD and Ghost Mountain Rider Wannaba! I owe $42,278.03 in Child Support!

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My beautiful daughter is 12 years old and I don’t take care of her. I’m such a loser and horrible human being that I hang up on her when she tries to call me and I haven’t seen her in over three years! I hide from the law, fraudulently apply for unemployment, I’m wanted by the IRS for tax fraud, and I don’t take care of my little girl who has special needs. But I do work under the table so my daughter’s life is a struggle, live a life I can’t afford, and smoke pot and drink all day! I even let my girlfriend Courtney Cervelli harrass my daughter on Christmas morning – refusing to let her speak to me and telling my lil girl that I wasn’t one bit interested in speaking to her! Ya, Courtney is a real catch! That’s why she’s been married three times, has had every guy(including me ha,ha,ha) cheat on her, and is under investigation by CPS for child endangerment and is ordered to attend parenting classes! She got in trouble a couple of months ago for breaking into her ex-husband’s Facebook and sending nasty messages to my daughter – she was doing it from her job at Santa Cruz County Bank and now while at work there AGAIn she just hacked her ex’s email and sent my ex emails pretending she was him!Ya that amazon crazy chick is so obsessed with my ex-my daughter’s Mom – that she broke into HER facebook just to creep on her! ahaaa! Wow-even I was a little embarrassed for Courtney there lol!
I owe $42,278.03 in back child support and took off with my last employer’s (RMGC) credit card until he hunted me down to give it back! I lie about everything and have no pride! We live in Bonney Doon and you can find us most nites slummin it up at Hen Flings in Ben Lomond, or the Ghost Mt. Rider Club house in Felton or anywhere else we can look like irresponsible sloppy parents! Everyone in my Ghost Mt. Rider Club thinks I’m a dirtbag! God, I’m short, fat, and dumpy looking so I’m pretty easy to spot and Courtney’s about 4 inches taller than me and looks like a freak amazon next to me so I’m sure you’ll have a good laugh when you see us! We look like a couple of torn-up losers for sure! Since Courtney introduced my ex to her ex – well, let’s just say, I’ll never be able to hide again ha,ha,ha! And he knows now what a loser and liar I am- how embarrassing for me and Courtney lol!! My ex made a web site for me and it’s got lots of proof of my disgusting behavior – check it out https://sites.google.com/site/ryanmcneelythedeadbeat/ Anyways, my daughter is probably going without while I’m riding my harley or in my new Dodge silver extended cab truck or courtney’s new chrysler 300, so if you have any information about me, please share it with the Santa Cruz Child Support 831 454-3633 case # 7199!

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Wow, you really put him on blast! Why isn’t he in jail, since he owes so much. The court should suspend his license. Good luck!

Lol too funny! yet sad this loser should come with a sign on his forehead … another heartless Deadbeat dad

Thanks for the comments! Yup he’s a loser for sure. Now he’s and EX GHOST MOUNTAIN RIDER after stealing thousands from his buddies then working as a snitch! Currently, he’s trying to ride with the Santa Cruz Hell’s Angels! Let’s see how they react to the rat bastard right?? lol. Now he owes almost $44,000.00….keep the tips coming friends!

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