Hugh Hester Smith Jr. AKA Smittymann

Posted on : 13-03-2011 | By : vieldawhite | In : Deadbeat Dads, Virginia


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This dead beat loser has has all the chances in the world to atleast financially support his children. Mine being the oldest of atleast 4 that we know of. He has choosen to just be done with her because he can’t just do what he wants. I’ve helped, my family has helped and he has no excuses for why he hasn’t financially supported his child/children. My father even tried to help his get his CDL so that he could drive a truck and make atleast $1000 a week once he was fully trained and off driving on his own. He lived with my dad for atleast 6 months rent free and he still didn’t get his CDL what a lazy, ignorant, stupid uneducated high school drop out. Yeah you can blame me for having a child with this loser but atleast I’m taking care of my responsibilities. As of date he owes over $40,000 in child support. If you see him turn his butt into the police.

He calls himself Smittymann and is some kind of music maker, if you want to call that crap music.

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