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This is Andrew M. Ross, D.O.B. 7,18,89. He has a two year old son with me, we were together for 4 years. He is 22. He cheated on me with a 14 year old when i was pregnant with Joseph “OUR SON”. BEWARE this BOY will win you over with his sob stories of how “horrible” his life is, and hell buy you stuff for the first week and then expect you to pay his bills and clean up after him and drive him around because he has no car! Here is a heads up LADIES! HE IS A LIAR,A CHEAT,AND A DEAD BEAT. He has maybe seen his son 15 times in 2 years and most of those were for a few hours and i begged him, and he owes me around 6,000 in child support. which is sad because hes only ordered to pay 55$ a WEEK!!!! but yet he goes paint balling every weekend and bought a new gun!!!! He also has herpes from the girl in the pic he told me about it because he wanted ME to PAY for his pills!!!! haha.

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