I love my kids but

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Jason Tant of Alpaharetta Georgia left his wife and children late October and in less than a month had moved into a luxury apartment with his gilfriend. He signed a year’s lease on this love nest in HIS name at $1,000 a month rent. He lost THREE well paying jobs since the divorce. Yet he agreed in an uncontested divorce agreement to continue pay the mortgage on the home he insisted they buy until his wronged wife finishes her education and can afford to to take over. He has NEVER made full payments. He has told the mother of his three kids that she needs to take on another job to make ends meet. His girlfriend told his oldest daughter during last parental visit that she and Daddy were moving in February when the lease was up and were going to buy a house that they like. This fool can’t pay to keep his kids housed clothed and fed yet he is buying a house!

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what a jerk! Got one just like that.


this deadbeat has now moved to Charleston SC. with his little friend. Has quit at least 2 more jobs and will not say if he is working now. Still not paying as he agreed. Moved a month ago has called his daughters once. What a frigging prince!

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