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Well the low life your looking at is John Lee Mosley, and because of him being so secretive I only know that he lives somewhere in Arizona. I was married to him for 5 years when he decided he couldnt deal with being married with the 3 beautiful children he helped make. So he ran away to Arizona with the lie to me that he found a good paying roofing job to be able to get caught up with bills and rent. Like I said lie. He has quite the knack of being a liar. The whole year before he actually left he would leave me stranded at home with my children missing school and while he was running around in my truck being the man whore he is. He didnt even have the balls to show up to one of the court hearings for the divorce, not to mention in the span of a year and half he has only seen the children once for aprox 8 hours, and has only spoken to them once with me initiating the call. He has been told time and time again that he always has access to speaking to them whenever he wants. But then again we are talking about one selfish s.o.b!! Now I havent even begun to talk about the child support he hasnt paid. See remember now I was married to the p.o.s and know what kind of money he can make being a roofer. When he left he said he would send money every week and low and behold he cant even keep that up the right way. I got ordered an appropriate amount for 3 children not to mention alittle in spousal. He will go months not paying a dime and then another few months giving me 70 dollars here a hundred there. While he himself provides for himself, gets necessities, fills his tank full of gas. And the thing of it is I have never bitched at him for not paying the full ordered amount, just live up to your responsibilities, but of course remember what kind of low life we are talking about here. He is now behind almost $20,000 in child support ( that is including the added interest) He doesnt comply with the courts and what they have ordered one bit. The Child Support Services are involved but with him already evading the courts on a no license ticket that has now turned into a FTA, he is working real hard at flying way under the radar. The federal has put a hold on his wages too so I know what ever work he is doing is under the table. So hey look out for this p.o.s and get the word out and beware, to women and employers alike, cause he is no good!!!

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So you actually believed that you can touch a working man’s paycheck with your CS BS? Girl, you truly have the brains of a chicken. The CS laws are crooked, and no one has to follow such laws. You, through your stupid CS request, commit an evil and unjust act. It is normal for any and all good men, who love virtue, to oppose this act. That is what is happening.

Understand this, people. The laws that are on the books have not been agreed by all the population. The politicians voted and passed these laws. They are hard to repeal. Now we are stuck with them. The only way we have to avoid and repair their injustice is to oppose their verdict. It is the DUTY of all citizens to oppose unjust laws.

Hahahaha Jack boot your the one with the brains of a chicken! For one, you must be a dead beat by your comment, second the laws are in effect to help provide for the innocent children that are in the situation in the first place. Because of people like you who dont want to stand up and be a real man and help take care of your responsibilities are why these laws are around. You and other dead beats are the ones who comment the true evil unjust acts. And F.Y.I the CS system DOES work when there is a “working mans” paycheck involved

Hi! My name is Denise, I am a TV producer in LA. I would love to talk to you about what’s going on. Please call me at 323-451-2446 Thank you so much!

Just a bit of an update… It has been three years later, has not seen or called my children in over a year and a half. Has not worked a real job in I believe two years. The child support services cant seem to find him. He goes between Arizona and California. And owes over 119,000 in back support

Hi, I have run into John. We had been talking for almost a month now, and I’m sad to say this, but until I approached him about him having children, he had lied about having kids and being married before. I am in Phoenix AZ, and I would love to help you find him for his kids sake. Please let me know if you would like help. He claims he has seen his kids 3 weeks ago and doesn’t owe shit. I cant stand liars, and losers at that, and he sure is one.

Hi Misleddoll, it is amazing how he lies. He actually saw my kids (and I apologize, but I say they are mine cause he has played no roll in their lives what so ever) about three weeks ago, one day, for about 7 hours. Now I guess in his defense, he is not allowed to have them out of the city and only day trips, but now with that being said…I wouldn’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. He tries to say how much he misses the kids and how he knows he has fucked up, but come on…I would die before I would ever go without speaking to my kids every damn day and seeing them. Ooohhh and about the money…he owes what I wrote , and that is now on the low side. I am asking you though to please don’t let him know you have got this information from me and are in contact with me. By the way, my name is Shannon. I would love to be able to speak to you more. Misleddoll, for your sake, save yourself and don’t fall for him. Did he happen to mention to you that he has a girlfriend that he lives with… yeah, the list goes on.

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