Ian P Nelson

Posted on : 15-08-2013 | By : Hawaiianmommy | In : Deadbeat Dads, Hawaii


Pieceof shit.jpg (10 KB)

This piece of shit would rather hang out in Kona smoking pot and skateboarding than be with his kids. He can be seen anywhere from sleeping in the gutter to being a piece of shit spanging for money to feed his “family”. Says he loves his kids but wont come see them or do anything to help the mom. Left her with nothing in the middle of nowhere. Good thing shes got friends. This p.o.s. needs to have his balls clipped! He’s not paying child support because he cant be served. if you see him (being a bum) run up and kick him in the balls! Actually do it 4 times one from you and one from each kid he has!

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