If he won 10 million he would give it to everyone but his daughter.

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Roland Butch McClain Hickory/Cannonsburg PA

Roland Butch McClain owes $56,000 in back child support and he has learned all the laws of Alabama to avoid getting caught in PA. Him and his brother Sonny say that Iam a trick ass white ho that uses my child for money.
In 2007 he had a national warrant and was caught going into Canada by customs, 2 weeks later he came to court in Jefferson County Alabama and while we were in the courtroom he thanked me for making him lose his job!!!! I truly apologize for him losing his job since it benefited my daughter so much. He was released from county jail on $1,000 dollars and of course promised he would start paying.
Just like your typical deadbeat dad he goes off and makes more babies that Im sure the state and your tax money will be supporting!!!!
He is part of a motorcycle club, well founder with all his extra time and money, that ask what would you do if you won 10 million dollars-his reply “I would give each member of the Redline Guerillas a million” he does not mention his 11 year old daughter in Alabama that he does not call on birthdays and Christmas~
The following is what his brother emailed me on fb when I asked him to have his brother call me about paying for our daughters braces:

22 hours agoSonny McClain
you stupid yankee bitch only reason he got picked up is because he crossed the border. ur sorry ass pi aint going to do shit for you……join the millions of other crying as women who use kids for the money. And as far as my mother she nevr once asked our dad for money she did it on her own…….listen here who cares what you think he is because ur a sorry ass excuse for a mother…… fuck off one white kid and on black kid are u serious next u will have a mexican or japaness kid lol get a life dirt south girl………..

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