If I see the baby and it looks like me then its mine!!!

Posted on : 20-10-2010 | By : brianna87 | In : Deadbeat Dads, New Jersey


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Tyson Maurice Scott is a 29 year old waste of life!!! He goes after young girls and then when they get pregnant he forces the girl to abort the baby. But i was too smart for that. HE has 3 kids two boys and my little girl. He takes care of the little boys but does nothing for my daughter. Only thing he did was get me pregnant. he didnt attend a doctors visit and he wasnt there when she was born. HE HAS NEVER SEEN HER PHYSICALLY!!!! Only pics via cell phone. His youngest son born 3 months before my little girl he claims and he only slept with her one time which was while he ws back home visiting. He was with me for 3 years and doesnt claim my child and i never cheated on him. Now he is upset and says that she isnt his because i have a real man in my life that takes care of my daughter like she is his. If you ever see Mr “Oh so Wavy” go the other way because his ass is no good!! He doesnt have a job and pretty much sells drugs out his moms home!!! My daughter is a spittig image of him and he is too damn stupid to see it. Ladies dont be fooled by his northern accent because he is a DEADBEAT!!!

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