I’m a 51 yr old deadbeat dad and “Georgia Boy” who should be awarded Crappy Dad of the Year!

Posted on : 15-03-2011 | By : Clarence Bolton | In : Deadbeat Dads, Georgia


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I am 51 yrs old with 5 children by 3 different women. I only help with the 2 oldest ages 21 and 17. I have been a businessman of over 15 yrs. I am also verbally/physically abusive and have been arrested for it. I also have gotten/have spread herpes simplexes 1 and 2 with no remourse. I have also given my last child’s mother along with the other women I was sleeping with; tric, hpv, and other infections. I have a facebook page full of women I have had sexual exploits with. You can find me at http://www.facebook.com/#!/clarence.bolton.

I am also a grandfather whose grandchild (6 mos) is only 1 month older than my youngest child. My youngest child’s mother and I had an agreement for me to pay $100/month 4 TWO children and for me to help every once in awhile. She was even going to let me claim the kids on my taxes! I lied recently on my youngest child’s mother trying to remove 1 child/responibility permanently from the picture by agreeing to watch my child while she went to work, only to call the authorities and have my baby girl taken into foster care. Unfortunately they returned the baby to her mother. DAMN! Now I’m still gonna have to accept financial responsibility 4 her anyway! I didn’t wanna be bothered this night anyway because I wanted to “entertain” the chic I had at my house at the time. My social life ALWAYS comes before my last 3 children and sometimes, all of them. I’ve been known to leave my oldest girls at home alone all night to go spend the night with one woman or the other. I NEVER accept responsibility for ANYthing! These women knew I didn’t want anymore children. They shouldn’ve gotten pregnant! Oh, I also spend time with and give money to other people and their children, I just don’t feel like I should have to do nothin for my own flesh and blood since I didn’t ask for them to be here.

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