“Its not MY fault..I love my kid[S]!”

Posted on : 04-11-2010 | By : MiSSLEM0NDROP | In : Arizona, Deadbeat Dads


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So let me tell you about this no neck, overweight, 4 eyes, butterball named Ernie Huerta of Glendale Arizona. When I met him, he told me he had ONE son who he wasn’t allowed to see because he had a PSYCHO ex wife. I believed him, and fell for his bullshit. Fast forward a 6 months later..I was getting beat by him, spit in my face, told I was a fat mixed breed b*tch, a nig*er, cheated on, no one would love me, etc. Mind you..he is 5′5 and 200+ lbs..Hmm..whose the fat ass here buddy? Anyways, after 4 miscarriages, I finally got pregnant and got through my 1st trimester..I was soo happy & so was HIS family. Mine, not so much. It was during this time he told me he had a daughter [roughly 2months difference in age of his son] who was in Texas with some girl he had a one night stand with. He said he never seen his daughter because SHE wouldn’t let him..when I asked him what his daughters name was..he couldnt even remember & ended up giving me the WRONG name..what a f’n loser. But at the time..I didn’t know any of this & believed him. It was during this time I decided to move back to PA to be with my family & have my child. Eventually we ended up breaking up..and then the truth came out. He IS STILL legally married to his FIRST bm who is in NM & who he abandoned. His SECOND bm is in texas & they had a relationship while he was with his wife. Ernie never made an attempt of seeing his daughter [I became friends w.this girl & she told me EVERYTHiNG]. After I had my son, I found out he had a son who was [get this] 3 months younger than my child. EXCUSE ME?? So while I was pregnant & we were together, you we’re hoe’n around? His family knew about it the whole time & for some reason didn’t seem it was necessary to tell me. THANX! He has NEVER seen my son, NEVER sent money, diapers, gift cards..NOTHiNG!! It KILLS me that he has my child’s picture on his myspace page [stolen from mine] but it kills me more 2know he’s still fertile & giving away sperm to unsuspecting dumbfounded females like I once was. He has FOUR kids with FOUR different women and only takes care of ONE because he’s with her..but I can bet if they break up, another one bites the dust. If I would of known 2yrs ago this is who would father my child, I would of ran far away and hid in a ditch somewhere with Osama Bin Laden. PLEASE BLAST THiS LOSER FOR WHAT HE iS!! If u see him, run far, far away..BUT if by chance he has a wallet..GRAB THAT FiRST because it’s about time he PAYS HiS DUES!!

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