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Posted on : 13-12-2010 | By : JustMakingIt | In : Connecticut, Deadbeat Dads


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This is Ivan Podgwaite. He is presently greatly in arrears for tuition payments for his eldest child who is an excellent student attending college. We have spent the last 6yrs. wondering when and if we would get our next child support payment. Sometimes it comes, sometimes it doesn’t. What he fails to realize is his contribution equals about $12.00 a day per child. He spends more money on coffee, Chinese Food, Cigarettes and Alcohol in a day. Apparantly he also does not realize that it costs thousands of dollars a month to pay the utilities, the mortgage, buy food, buy clothing, pay medical bills, pharmacy bills, tuition payments and all the other items that come with raising a family. We do not live lavishly. I do not own a new car or flat screen t.v. Our last three computers were donated to us and we have the cheapest cable, internet and cell service available. Our clothing primarily comes from the Goodwill store. Basically we live on a shoe string. I am sick and tired of wondering if I can pay the UI bill, put gas in the car, pay this months mortgage or buy milk. I am tired of wondering how I will be able to pay this months college tuition. I am tired of this DEAD BEAT DAD!
He says he does not work. He says he is on disability. Heads up Disability, he’s working! He seems to find time to play in various bands an hold a bass guitar with his “injured” arm while doing it. He has not held a full time job in years and when he does work he does not pay the adjusted amount that he should. He hides his income and lies about it repeatedly. BTW, I work full time and have done so my entire adult life. I have also raised our children without his assistance and bought a small house for them to grow up in on my own.
He sees his children only when they call him to make a date and then only if it is convenient for him which is surprising since because he does not work you would think he has oodles of time. He tells everyone the reason he does not see his children more is either because I never let him or they are too busy. He forgets that he spent every Thurday night at my house for years (because he says he had no place to bring them) eating my food, laying on my couch, pilfering my change, stealing our medications, dropping his gum wrappers on my floor while I left the house for hours so he could “spend quality time” watching t.v with our children. He has not given them a birthday or Christmas gift or card in the last few years. He did not give them anything for their recent graduations…not even a card…though he made sure to show up for their party-free food you know!
So why am I writing about this now after years of struggling? Because it is my sincerest wish that this will cause him to be deeply ashamed of himself and that he will finally man up and do the right thing every every week. Pay your child support, PAY YOUR SHARE OF YOUR DAUGHTERS TUITION and help keep her in college so she can make a better life for herself than what you have provided.
He is the King of Excuses, the King of Rationalizations and a Prince among DEAD BEAT DADS!

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