J. K. B Deadbeat & Liar of the Century

Posted on : 25-09-2010 | By : DivaStyle2010 | In : Deadbeat Dads, North Carolina


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Hello world, let me have the honor of introducing you to the Deadbeat & Liar of the Century! This is Jermill Keith Blacknall! Ladies, where can I begin, first and foremost this is a 22 year old, watch out beacause he will lie about his age, you older women, this broke bitch has 5 children, 3 babymamas, he is a powder and crackhead, and will rob you blind! This bitch has even stole from his grandparents. Out of the 5 children, 2 of his children are invisible to him. He has done nothing for his two sons. His oldest son did NOT see him on his birthday until 11 at night and he showed up empty handed. And he has not attended one birhtday for his other son, but manages to find time to spend birthdays and holidays with his other 3 children. This bitch is the worse. Trifflin as hell! He has left his son in the hospital while he was sick to chase a piece of ass on two separate occassions, he has been in the same apartment complex as his son and watched him leave for school, and did not even take the time to go speak and make his presence known! Jermill has allowed females to hang up on his son, curse at his son, and he has even hung up on him. Jermill’s ex girlfriend is more involved in his 2 sons lives than he is. The list goes on, just be aware that this bitch is lose and could be roaming around your neighborhood. Dont let the good looks fool you, he is a piece of SHIT!

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This bitch aint hitting on shit!

This is so sad what a lame ass nigga…. he needs to neva show his face ever again



My son’s no good father has a son somewhere in NC that he claims to take of. I know for a fact that if he does buy him thing’s it’s coming from his mommy’s pocket. His name is Gilberto Inglez Rodriguez also known as dirty bert or bert. He has a son who is 7 months younger than our child. To sum it all up he’s a male whore who need’s his penis clipped. He’s the father to three handsome boy’s who he’s not a role model for at all. If you’re ever in my area which is Rockville, MD stay clear of him. He’s always with someone new until they get pregnant.

This profile has been lifted off this website and republished on Houston Attorney Rogelio Garcia’s fake website ihatedeadbeats.com designed to manufacture false evidence. The postings about deadbeats are decoys. His bar number is 07645800

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