James Francis Kelly IV

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Jamie Kelly and I were together on and off since i was in 8th grade, after i had my daughter he proceeded to cheat on me numerous times (with dirty girls non the less) possibly while i was pregnant as well. The relationship continued until he became more frequently violent and was then convicted of domestic battery. He has not seen his 1 1/2 yo daughter (Alanna Elizabeth) in a year. Not to mention his signature on the birth certificate my daughter is a spitting image of him and has his last name. He has refused to show up to numerous court dates and does not hold a job. I work enough that i dont care about the money anymore. FUCK YOU TWEEK I HOPE YOU ROT. Did i mention his numerous drug addictions/convictions? Or the fact that he ratted on his friends to get out of jail….?

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He was just 3 days short of making it 1 year before his next domestic battery arrest with his newest blonde.

did posting this make you feel better? nowhere is there facts on this just you opinion of what he is. How much does he owe? was he court ordered to pay child support and from what county? where does he live, where does he hang out? no information at all on the facts of this story…so how is this website to help you?

yes it did. and yes there are facts. he has been court ordered by kane county to pay child support and owes over $5,000. he lives at 728 west liberty st west dundee IL, the courts know all this and still cant put him behind bars, or connect the dots back to me when hes locked up for an entirely different thing. so yes this post did make me feel better, because i have no faith in the system & have the intelligence to live without his courtordered drugdealer money. i can do it on my own without whining to everyone else about money i would much rather tell everyone about what a piece of shit he is. so stop wasting your time bad mouthing other peoples problems. i work for a fucking living and dont need someone else whining about how i didnt “use the site correctly”

are you aware that this lowlife deadbeat can sue you for everything you have and then some? Make yourself look grand in the public eye. You didn’t have to post he ratted on his friends to get out of jail or any of the other bullcrap that you posted. You made yourself look just as stupid as this lowlife deadbeat. I thought this was a site to post as an adult a worthy Mother trying to get somewhere with her child support. Your problems have just begun. I have tried for 18 years to collect child support through the state of Illinois and have gotten nowhere only to be owed $46,000 plus in back child support. There is a correct way to go about it and then there is a childish way to go about it. So you choose, but let me tell ya, you’re looking at being sued if this deadbeat wanted to…..Write Lisa Maddigan in Springfield, email her, do it everyday explain to her what the facts are of your case call your state rep tell them the facts of this case. When you go to court tell the judge if he has shoes on his feet and clothes on his back then he is getting money from somewhere. Remind the judge of the laws thats already set forth for mothers like you and I. Ask that they be enforced. Post signs at your local stores Asking other mothers to get together and join the band wagon on these deadbeats. Make calls become a thorn in the state of Illinois side and demand that the laws be enforced. After looking for sites to try to get help on collecting child support, I found that this site is useless and it is only on here to air dirty laundry. Good Luck in trying to collect but like I said do it in an adult manner cause it just made you look just as stupid as this lowlife deadbeat.

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