Jason Bristol

Posted on : 28-06-2011 | By : jason bristol | In : Deadbeat Dads, New Jersey


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I am a deadbeat dad who owes my ex wife over $22,000 in child support arrears for my 2 kids. My court ordered payments are only $92 a week and yet I dont even send her $5. I only work jobs where I get paid mostly cash so my paychecks dont get garnished and I dont file tax returns even though I know this would only help my kids. I dont call my kids anymore or even return their calls. I like to pretend neither they nor this debt exists.
I’m a 9th grade dropout who does not take financial responsibility for my kids.
my favorite thing to do is to find creative ways to avoid paying child support.
when my kids were homeless and living in a shelter, I still didnt send money and I’m proud of it.

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