Jason Charlier….Deadbeat Dad #1

Posted on : 15-08-2011 | By : Anonymous | In : Deadbeat Dads, Iowa


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Jason Chalier lives in Washington, IA and has 3 children, but chooses to only acknowledge 2 of them. Those two children live with him and his wife Abby Charlier (the wife he was apparently cheating on for the larger part of 2010 while using the line “I’m getting a divorce”, not to mention all of his previous indiscretions). Apparently a divorce wasn’t in his future once he got both his girlfriend and his wife pregnant two months apart. Paying alimony and child support on two kids seemed to put the fear into him and it was that point that he chose to abandon his girlfriend who was 4 months pregnant at the time. Needless to say having babies 9 weeks apart certainly puts him in the running for cheaters that need a vasectomy.

This man has never met his middle child, a beautiful little girl who is currently 3 months old, let alone paid a cent towards her care. Won’t it be a rude awakening when his pay checks start getting garnished for child support?

I hope that he and Abby continue on with their sham of a marriage…that is until he dupes the next girl into believing his lies and gets her pregnant as well. And if having your husband have one baby outside your marriage isnt enough to make a girl leave, then I bet Abby can’t wait to have to pay child support on the next one!

Jason Charlier…definitely in the running for douchebag of the year!

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He must be taking a crap so he can look at it and see what he looks like. What a douche bag! His wife must have low low self esteem to stay with this jerk.

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