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Check this 36 yr old loser out! He has 3 kids and is $30,000 behind in child support. He doesn’t so much as even acknowledge the fact that he has kids and has not seen them in 3 years! He literally lived 1 mile down the street but chose young girls and drugs over his children! He is a selfish, poor excuse for a man. His main concern is hooking up the latest stupid young girl that will keep him up. He “raises” these girls children calling them his own and tells people that he has no other children. His kids have grown to hate him for all the things he has done and refuse to call him daddy. He will never know the extent of damage he has done to their lives and honestly he could care less. He lives for himself and what he wants at the time. He has no heart and no feelings. His loss, not mine..MY kids know who is there for them every single day of their lives and who is not!

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Every time I look for my ex on the jail inmate page I see this guy. Sounds like our stories are pretty much the same girl!

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