Jason Ward – Forest Park Georgia

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Loser Dad Jason strikes again. Decides to start calling his beautiful little girl again only to promise her he is going to come see her and then Saturday and Sunday get here and he is a no show and of course he doesn’t even call her. She wakes up and the first thing she asks is if her daddy is coming today. Then days or even a week later he will call and tell her “he had to work” or “he was sick”. He has stopped paying child support; he got fired because he didn’t go to work either which of course meant she lost her medical insurance that now her mom has to try and get for her. But, when he has relatives come in from out of town the first thing he does is call and see if he can take her to see them so he can put on this big act of what a wonderful doting daddy he is. No more displaying this little girl. He is the worst dad ever and doesn’t deserve to even have such a beautiful little girl. He deserves everything that happens to him. He has never told the truth in his life, not to her, not to anyone. Oh and the last time he did see her he took her to dinner After dinner he made her “drive” his mother’s car even though she didn’t want to and was crying. No seat belts were worn. According to her the car was going in circles in the parking lot and he was laughing at her for crying. When she started screaming he finally stopped the car and let her get in the backseat and put on her seat belt. She was scared to death and this jerk is laughing at her. What a chump. She doesn’t even want to go with him anymore. She is only 6 for crying out loud.

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A 6 year old? Driving a car? WTH? This guy is clearly out of his mind. I wouldn’t allow unsupervised visits until he was evaluated. Seriously! I’m so sorry that this little girl had to go through any of this. Just ridiculous.

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