Jeremy Standley Dye ” Deadbeat Father”

Posted on : 11-12-2010 | By : Brandinicole26 | In : Deadbeat Dads, South Carolina


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Jeremy Standley Dye is truly a deadbeat dad. Jeremy and I have a five year old daughter named Lexie.He has never seen her one time, because he is so sorry! He knows that she is his child. He did not want to be in her life, so he told his family that she was not even his child. He is such a lier! He also has two other children that he has nothing to do with and everytime the courts catch up with him for child support he quits his jobs and moves. He is such a sorry person and I do not understand how he sleeps at night knowing that he has three daughters he does not even care about.Lexie started school this year and she makes straight A’s too. I want to expose him for the looser he truly is. He should not be allowed to breed anymore!

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